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Reasoning Questions asked in Today’s SBI PO Exam 2016(09/07/16)

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Questions from Reasoning section asked in Today’s SBI PO Exam 2016 (09/07/16)

  1. 6 people have different marks.  Z only has marks greater than X. V has greater than Y but less than U. W has greater than both U and Y. Third highest has 39 and Y  has 24. ( Z X W U V Y ). 3 questions based on this
  2. S is mother of D. K brother of D. M father of K. T mother of M. U husband of T. T mother of Y. T has only one son. 3 questions based on this
  3. Inequalities were very simple – 5
  4. Direction sense something like – point A in west of point B, C in north of A,…. – 2 questions based on this