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Questions asked in SBI MAINS 2015 and Exam Analysis

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Finally SBI MAINS exam is over today.SBI PO Main 2015 Exam was conducted today from 10 AM and the Exam lasted till 1:15 PM.Here is the Section wise detailed Analysis of SBI PO Main 2015 Exam 10 AM Paper.

Q.1. What is the premium of PM Suraksha Bima Yojana?- Ans – Rs. 12
Q.2. Recently Irwin Allan Rose passed away. He was a ___________. Ans- American biologist
Q.3. Agartala is the capital of which state? Ans: Agartala is the capital of Tripura.
Q.4. Which of the following is not a part of Money Market? Ans: Mutual Funds
Q.5. Who is the CEAT cricketer of the year 2015?(indian) Ans: Ajinkya Rhane
Q.6. What is the age limit of atal pension yojana? Ans: 18-40
Q.7. Omkareshwar dam is situated in which state? Ans: Madhya Pradesh
Q.8. Narendra Modi launches which bank in China? Ans: ICICI Bank
Q.9. _______ has unveiled the world’s first facial recognition ATM. Ans:China
Q.10. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2014 was awarded ______ Ans:All of above
Q.11. When is International Peace Day celebrated? Ans: 21st September
Q.12. Land Border Agreement between India and Bangladesh was the ___________.Ans: 100th amendment
Q.13. Which company ranks 57th in the US Brand survey Ans: TCS
Q.14. Volkswagen Group and its subsidiaries, is a ——- multinational automotive manufacturing company.Ans-German
Q.15. The merger process between FMC and ——- will be completed by September Ans:SEBI
Q.16. Jim Corbett National Park is located in which state?Ans: Uttarakhand
Q17.who has been sected as head of india A and U-19? Ans-Rahul Dravid
Q18.Which country agreed to lend 1165cr for odissa transmission system improvement project? Ans-Japan
Q19.Katasraj temple in which country?Ans- Pakistan [ Pak sends holy water of Katas Raj Temple to Advani on 8 May 2015 ]
Q20.68th world health Assembly held 2015 head ? Ans- India
Q21-Arun Jaitely started Paper Line in which state?Ans – Hoshangabad, MP
Q22-Marketing mix comprises of?
Q23-Demand of Bidi, Cigarette and Liquor is?
Q24-Full form of MAN Ans: Ans: Metropolitan Area Networks
Q25-China signed currency swap deal with which country?Ans: Chille
Q26-How much amount allocated by govt. on Ayush Mission?Ans: Rs. 5000 crore
Q27-The maturity period of the Kisan Vikas Patra which have been reintroduced in 2014 is:Ans: 100 months
Q28-Who review and revitalize public private partnership (PPP) mode of infrastructure development?Ans: Vijay Kelkar
Q29-Which state government approved mandatory Global Positioning System (GPS) in all public transport vehicles from June 2015?Ans: Delhi
Q30-Minimum and Maximum font in MS Word?Ans: 8 – 72
Q31-Division of market according to age and gender is called:Ans: Demographic segmentation
Q32-MICR is a/an ______ device Ans: Input
Q33-In Excel which of the following formula denotes the addition of cell contents in A1 and A2?Ans-A1+A2

Pie Chart – 1 questions
Table Chart – 5 questions
Probability, Permutation & Combination – 5 questions
Data Sufficiency – 5 questions
Language DI – 5 questions
Line graph – 5 questions
Quadratic – 5 questions
Number series – 5 questions
Overall this section as lengthy and Calculative. Student found this section difficult and somewhat tricky.

Input Output – 5 questions
Syllogism – 5 questions
Puzzles – 2 questions of 6 marks each & 1 question of 5 marks
Inequality with directions – 5 questions
Logical reasoning + miscellaneous – 18 questions
Overall Puzzles were tricky, however if you have done enough practice you will be able to crack.

Reading Comprehension – 2 passages with 10 questions each
Parajumbles – 5 questions
Error Spotting – 5 questions
Fill in the Blanks – 5 questions with double spacing
Cloze Test – 10 questions
Sentence improvement – 5 questions

Write a letter to the bank manager to share an innovative idea on File management system in banks
Write a letter to the newspaper editor on how to stop crime in city
Write a letter to your old teacher to thank him/her for making you a good human being

Pros and cons of ‘one rank one pension’ scheme
Over-dependence on monsoon for farmers
Ethical problems of e-commerce


SectionLevel of DifficultyGood AttemptsGood ScoreApprox time
ReasoningModerate – Difficult22-252230
General Awareness/Computer Knowledge/Marketing AwarenessModerate22-262420
Data Analysis & InterpretationModerate – Difficult18-202845
English LanguageModerate22-272225
TotalModerate – Difficult84-9886120