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Questions asked in SBI MAINS 2015 and Exam Analysis

Finally SBI MAINS exam is over today.SBI PO Main 2015 Exam was conducted today from 10 AM and the Exam lasted till 1:15 PM.Here is the Section wise detailed Analysis of SBI PO Main 2015 Exam 10 AM Paper.

Q.1. What is the premium of PM Suraksha Bima Yojana?- Ans – Rs. 12
Q.2. Recently Irwin Allan Rose passed away. He was a ___________. Ans- American biologist
Q.3. Agartala is the capital of which state? Ans: Agartala is the capital of Tripura.
Q.4. Which of the following is not a part of Money Market? Ans: Mutual Funds
Q.5. Who is the CEAT cricketer of the year 2015?(indian) Ans: Ajinkya Rhane
Q.6. What is the age limit of atal pension yojana? Ans: 18-40
Q.7. Omkareshwar dam is situated in which state? Ans: Madhya Pradesh
Q.8. Narendra Modi launches which bank in China? Ans: ICICI Bank
Q.9. _______ has unveiled the world’s first facial recognition ATM. Ans:China
Q.10. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2014 was awarded ______ Ans:All of above
Q.11. When is International Peace Day celebrated? Ans: 21st September
Q.12. Land Border Agreement between India and Bangladesh was the ___________.Ans: 100th amendment
Q.13. Which company ranks 57th in the US Brand survey Ans: TCS
Q.14. Volkswagen Group and its subsidiaries, is a ——- multinational automotive manufacturing company.Ans-German
Q.15. The merger process between FMC and ——- will be completed by September Ans:SEBI
Q.16. Jim Corbett National Park is located in which state?Ans: Uttarakhand
Q17.who has been sected as head of india A and U-19? Ans-Rahul Dravid
Q18.Which country agreed to lend 1165cr for odissa transmission system improvement project? Ans-Japan
Q19.Katasraj temple in which country?Ans- Pakistan [ Pak sends holy water of Katas Raj Temple to Advani on 8 May 2015 ]
Q20.68th world health Assembly held 2015 head ? Ans- India
Q21-Arun Jaitely started Paper Line in which state?Ans – Hoshangabad, MP
Q22-Marketing mix comprises of?
Q23-Demand of Bidi, Cigarette and Liquor is?
Q24-Full form of MAN Ans: Ans: Metropolitan Area Networks
Q25-China signed currency swap deal with which country?Ans: Chille
Q26-How much amount allocated by govt. on Ayush Mission?Ans: Rs. 5000 crore
Q27-The maturity period of the Kisan Vikas Patra which have been reintroduced in 2014 is:Ans: 100 months
Q28-Who review and revitalize public private partnership (PPP) mode of infrastructure development?Ans: Vijay Kelkar
Q29-Which state government approved mandatory Global Positioning System (GPS) in all public transport vehicles from June 2015?Ans: Delhi
Q30-Minimum and Maximum font in MS Word?Ans: 8 – 72
Q31-Division of market according to age and gender is called:Ans: Demographic segmentation
Q32-MICR is a/an ______ device Ans: Input
Q33-In Excel which of the following formula denotes the addition of cell contents in A1 and A2?Ans-A1+A2

Pie Chart – 1 questions
Table Chart – 5 questions
Probability, Permutation & Combination – 5 questions
Data Sufficiency – 5 questions
Language DI – 5 questions
Line graph – 5 questions
Quadratic – 5 questions
Number series – 5 questions
Overall this section as lengthy and Calculative. Student found this section difficult and somewhat tricky.

Input Output – 5 questions
Syllogism – 5 questions
Puzzles – 2 questions of 6 marks each & 1 question of 5 marks
Inequality with directions – 5 questions
Logical reasoning + miscellaneous – 18 questions
Overall Puzzles were tricky, however if you have done enough practice you will be able to crack.

Reading Comprehension – 2 passages with 10 questions each
Parajumbles – 5 questions
Error Spotting – 5 questions
Fill in the Blanks – 5 questions with double spacing
Cloze Test – 10 questions
Sentence improvement – 5 questions

Write a letter to the bank manager to share an innovative idea on File management system in banks
Write a letter to the newspaper editor on how to stop crime in city
Write a letter to your old teacher to thank him/her for making you a good human being

Pros and cons of ‘one rank one pension’ scheme
Over-dependence on monsoon for farmers
Ethical problems of e-commerce


Section Level of Difficulty Good Attempts Good Score Approx time
Reasoning Moderate – Difficult 22-25 22 30
General Awareness/Computer Knowledge/Marketing Awareness Moderate 22-26 24 20
Data Analysis & Interpretation Moderate – Difficult 18-20 28 45
English Language Moderate 22-27 22 25
Total Moderate – Difficult 84-98 86 120