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Questions asked in LIC AAO Prelims Exam 2019 – May 4

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Questions asked in today’s LIC AAO Prelims Exam 2019 are listed below. If you have any more questions from the exam, then kindly share it in the comment section.

Questions asked in LIC AAO Prelims Exam 2019 – May 4


1) 7 workers working on 7 different days. Starting from Monday to Sunday. V works before Wednesday. There are 3 people between V and J. U works immediately before P but not on Saturday. Only three-persons are between P and M. G works before M.

2) Ten persons sitting in a row facing north direction. A sits forth from one of the ends of the row. C sits third to the right of D. B sits at one of the ends of the row. G sits immediate left of F. Neither G nor F is an immediate neighbor of C and E respectively. The same number of persons sitting towards the left of D as well as towards right of E. Two persons sits between B and H. No one sitting towards left of I.

3) There are 9 persons sitting in a circular table facing towards the center. A sits second to the right of B. H sits second to the left of D. Only two people sits between A and H. H is not an immediate neighbor of B nor G. C sits opposite G. F sits immediate right of the one who faces H. E is not an immediate neighbor of G.

4) 6 persons teaches his favorite subjects in the months of January, April, and May either of the date of 15th or 28th. T teaches his subjects in the month of having 30 days. One person sits between T and the one whose favorite subject is Geography. The one who teaches Geography teaches one of the months before T. Same number of person teaches after U and as well as before V. U and V does not teach History nor Mathematics. The one who teaches English teaches in the month of having 31 days but not on an odd-numbered date. More than three-person teach between S and W. The one who teaches Science teaches one of the months before Hindi. One of the people is R.

5) If in a certain code MONEY is coded as NNODZ and as well as SIGHT is coded as THHGU. Then what will be the code of LENGTH?


Wrong Number Series:

  1. 2.5, 3, 5, 15, 60, 300, 1800