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Quants Questions : Mixtures And Alligations Set 4

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Quantitative Aptitude section in Here we are given some Mixture and Alligations problems that is important for competitive exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in exams !!

  1. In what proportion must a grocer mix one kind of bajra at Rs.4.50 per kg with another at Rs.4 per kg in order that by selling the mixture at Rs.5.20 per kg he may make a profit of 20%?
    Answer – A)1:2
    Explanation :
    Mean Price= C.P. of per kg mixture=100/120 ×5.20 = R.s 4.333
    By Allegation rule
    4                  4.5
    0.167       0.333

  2. Milk and water are mixed in the vessels A and B in the ratios 5:2 and 8:5 respectively. In what proportion should quantities be taken from the two vessels so as to form a mixture containing milk and water in the ratio 9:4?
    Answer – A)7:2
    Explanation :
    In A C.P. of 1 liter milk Rs5/7 and that of B= Rs8/13, mixture= Rs9/13
    5/7        8/13
    1/13       2/91

  3. How must a shop owner mix 4 types of rice worth Rs95, Rs60, Rs90 and Rs50 per kg so that he can make the mixture of these rice worth Rs80 per kg?
    Answer – A)3:2:4:6
    Explanation :
    1st pair: 50         95         2nd pair:    60            90
                     80                                        80
              15        30                            10            20
    Final ratio 15:10:20:30

  4. Two bottles A and B contain diluted sulphuric acid. In bottle A, the amount of water is double the amount of acid while in bottle B, the amount of acid is 3 times that of water. How much mixture should be taken from each bottle in order to prepare 5 liters diluted sulphuric acid containing equal amount of acid and water?
    Answer – B)3,2
    Explanation :
    In bottle A ratio acid: water=1:2, B=3:1
    Mixture= 1:1, required acid=1/2
    1/3         3/4
    1/4           1/6

  5. A jar contains a mixture of two liquids A and B in the ratio 4:1. When 10litres of the mixture is taken out and 10 liters of liquid B is poured into the jar, the ration becomes 2:3. How many liters of liquid A was contained in the jar?
    A)14 liters
    B)18 liters
    C)16 liters
    D)20 liters
    Answer – C)16 liters
    Explanation :
    % of B in the original mix= 1/5 * 100=20%
    In final mix= 3/5 *100=60%
    20           100
    40           40
    Total mix= 10+10=20 liters so qty of A=20/5 *4

  6. A container contains 40 liters of the milk. From the container 4 liters of the milk was taken out and replaced by water. This process was repeated further two times. How much milk is now contained by the container?
    A)29.61 liters
    B)30.16 liters
    C)29.16 liters
    D)13.16 liters
    Answer –C)29.16 liters
    Explanation :
    Amount of milk left after 3 operations
    40(1-4/40) ^3 liters

  7. A dairy man pays Rs.6.40 per liter of milk. He adds water and sells the mixture at Rs.8 per liter thereby making 37.5% profit. Find the ratio of the water to milk received by the customers?
    Answer – D)1:10
    Explanation :
    Suppose milk x and water y liters
    Reqd. ratio of water and milk= y:x
    CP of x liters milk=Rs.6.4x
    SP of x liters milk=Rs.8(x+y)

  8. If 50% of 2:3 solution of milk and water is replaced with water, then the concentration of the solution is reduced by
    Answer – B)33
    Explanation :
    Milk    : water
    20          30
    -10        -15
    —-        —-
    10           40
    Concentration of solution reduced by 10 i.e. 50% and dilution increased by 40 i.e. 33.33%

  9. Milk and water are in the ratio of 3:2 in a mixture of 80 liters. How much water should be added so that the rate of milk and water become 2:3?
    Answer – B)40
    Explanation :
    Milk =48    water =32
    48/(32+x) = 2/3

  10. How much water must be added to 100cc of 80% solution of Boric acid to reduce it to a 50% solution?
    Answer – D)60
    Explanation :50%(100+x)=80

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