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Puntius Dolichopterus,new fish species discovered in kerala

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  • PUNTINUS DOLICHOPTERUS ,a new species of cyprinid freshwater fish has been discovered and named by MATHEWS PLAMOOTTIL, head of department of zoology in Baby John Memorial Government College of kollam district in Kayamkulam city in kerala.
  • It is collected from a small fresh water stream flowing in the ALAPUZHA district.
  • This discovery was published in the latest issue of ‘International Journal of Pure and Applied Zoology’ covering July – September 2015
  • Plamoottil said that six specimens of this new fish have been deposited Government museum at Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Puntius Dolichopterus: Origin

Puntius Dolichopterus named after two Greek words ‘dolikhos’ meaning elongated and ‘pteron’ meaning wing or fin. The fish has been included in the fish family Cyprinidae.

Relative species: – Puntius nigronotus, Puntius viridis, Puntius nelsoni and Puntius parrah.

About the New Fish:

Plamootil said:

  • Its body is silvery; dorsal fin is light orange red, pectoral and anal fin greenish yellow, ventral fin yellow, caudal fin dusky and an inconspicuous dusky spot present on 21 and 22 scales.
  • The spine of dorsal fin in this fish is rigid, strong and long. They have a pair of small barbels. They are between 7.3 and 8.7 cm in length.
  • Its ventral fin is yellow while the caudal fin is dusky and an inconspicuous dusky spot present on scales.
  • This species of fish have a pair of small barbells.
  • It has lesser number of lateral line scales and pre-dorsal scales.
  • It can be further differentiated from its relative species in having 3-4 longitudinal lines present below lateral line.