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Professional Knowledge Questions asked in IBPS SO IT Officer 28/01/2017

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Dear Aspirants,
Some of the Professional Knowledge questions asked in today’s IBPS SO IT Officer exam, are listed below.

  1. Translation processing in data communication
  2. What is HTTP
  3. Full form of IMAP
  4. Protocol for audio streaming.
  5. Data dictionary in DBMS
  6. DNS number is separated by how many periods?
  7. Linux command “cd” used for
  8. What is erasing and destruction in DBMS
  9. Linux command “ls” used for
  10. Which of the following layer of OSI Model performs Routing function?
  11. Which one is the middleware technology?
  12. What is key logger
  13. The flow chart of data system flowing in system design?
  14. Definition of Verification and validation.
  15. What is Capability maturity model
  16. Operation of virtual private network in OSI model
  17. Unlocking Android device or IOS device by
  18. Definition of Form in Business document?
  19. Definition of process isolation, process segmentation, layering, Hard segmentation, abstractions
  20. Component of Management information system?
  21. Which process takes place when two devices wirelessly transmitted data without human intervention?
  22. What does protocol do in data communication?
  23. What is software supplier prequalification?
  24. Field in DBMS?
  25. Attributes of Database?
  26. What is type 2 hypervisor?
  27. What is Non – operation period of Information System?
  28. Serial communication
  29. Null value in DBMS ?
  30. Which type of database has data only in form of only Rows and column?
  31. Principle of WAN?