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Prime Minister signed $1 billion deal with United States for Four Poseidon- 8I Longrange Surveillance and antisubmarine warfare aircraft

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The India-US strategic bilateral cooperation is being tightened after signing $1 billion deal by Prime Minister to acquire four Poseidon as part of US arms deal to India


Acquisition of Poseidon:ind-us-deal

Cabinet Committee on Security headed by Prime Minister has signed acquirement of four Poseidon -8I longrage surveillance and antisubmarine warfare aircraft

Induction of Aircraft:

The Four Poseidon aircraft built with radars and weapons will be joined with the first eight such aircraft introduced by the Navy in 2013-15 under a $2.1 billion deal

Features of Poseidon 8I:

  • The Navy have been utilizing eight P-8Is, built with dangerous Harpoon Block- II missiles, MK-54, Lightweight torpedoes, rockets and Depth charges
  • It will keep an intelligent hawk eye view over the entire Indian Ocean Region to oversee Chinese Submarine forays over the last two years
  • Operating range of 1,200 nautical miles
  • Provide the reach and flexibility to undertake vigorous maritime surveillance and intelligence gathering missions
  • Navy using the technology can detect threats and extended the support to neutralize them

The Cabinet Committee on Security had already accorded the deal to acquire 145M-777 ultra-light howitzers from the US, in the same the CCS has approved the current deal.

The Army required these 155mm/39 Calibre howitzers which are operated to threatened high altitude areas along the 4,057 km Line of Actual control with China

US under secretary of Defence Frank Kendall is leading a top Pentagon-industry delegation to New Delhi for further discussion