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Do Read before you start your Preparations for SBI PO GD-PI

Let me share with you all, this beautiful quote I came across this morning,
“A Competition is a like a roller coaster, sometimes you are soaring at the top of the peak, and other times you are down in a deep valley of inward struggle. The key is to not hit the breaks but to focus on the next step, because with every downhill slide you are building up potential energy to reach the top again.”

:) Congratulations, to all those who have got selected in SBI PO Mains.
Enjoy the moment, as getting through 2 Big hurdles was not an easy task.
Your perseverance made it though !

But, Hey, The Battle is not over yet. SBI selected around 5636 candidates for 2096 vacancies, so Final Selection Ratio is roughly 2.5:1.

So, Gear up your Seat Belts for the last leap, which is just around the corner.

All of you selected mates, have by now got your Email and SMS Confirmation. Many of you have also downloaded your Admit Cards and Bio-Data Form.You have got acquainted with the Venue/Address of your Interview.

Why this scary process, on the first place ? Why not they just select on the basis of scores ?Basically, This 1 week GD-PI, is to check your ability to INTERACT, DISCUSS, VALIDATE and mainly “To prove that you are Human and not a Robot”. Pretty Simple. No ?

See, My Real aim for writing this is to make sure, you are not missing that Secret Recipe to ‘ACE INTERVIEWS‘.And For that, I AM HERE GOING TO DISCUSS THOSE popular DO’s and DON’T s :

Things you definitely should Not Do in this Preparation Window, of lets say 27th August to 8th September.

Stop Crying as your attempts are lower than that of your peers.
No Doubt, higher the number of correct attempts, higher will be the overall chances to get through in that Final List.But Now that moment is gone, where you could do something for that. So, My Dear Friend, EverCorrect Logic says ‘Focus on the Present’. Many people keep asking for others’ attempts. Knowing someone’s lower attempts make them happy and satisfied, and knowing higher attempts make them depressed. Isn’t it funny ? Yes, it is.
Stop Doing That.

Stop Carrying your Past Interview Blunders.
This advice is not for the people who are going for 1st GD-PI of their life. But for those, who once have already felt that panic state on that Big Interview Day. So, If you had gone through this Day in your past, and didn’t make it in the Final List, This is high time you do a reality check.Are you really that Bad, that People just reject you every time you appear for an Interview ? Write down your past mistakes, like :
-You weren’t confident in your past interviews ? You didn’t answer the questions related to Banking ? Or Your Current Affairs Knowledge was disastrous ? You neglected the importance of Formal Clothing in interviews ? You forgot to greet the interview panel in a way you should have ? Or You didn’t convince them about your interest in Banking ? Or rather, Just your marks in Written Exam were low enough to splash a ‘Big Red No’ on all of your Endeavours to get selected.
See, These are the few questions which Nobody else can answer for you, Because only ‘You’ Know the Inside Story. Right ?
So, Rectify your Mistakes, in an appropriate way. :)

Don’t Read Big Volumes for anything
See, While preparing for Banking Sector Questions, Read it as you are interested and curious to know the concepts, and not as you are preparing for your Board Exams. Yes, There is A Big Difference.
You are not going to prepare A Thesis on Indian Economy. Though its always advisable to be thoroughly prepared, but if that gives you nightmares, or making you nervous, then definitely its avoidable. :)
To understand the nuance, Lets take an example,
For instance, lets talk about the Entry of Payment Banks in India. Since, Reserve Bank of India recently approved the Payment Bank Licences to 11 entities. Names, you must be knowing. :)

What are the probable questions they can ask related to this ?
What do you think, it would be a success ? What are the benefits it would bring to Indian Economy ? Will Public Sector Banks face any competition on the arrival of Payment Banks ? What does it bring for a common Man ? Since, the profit margins are not that attractive, then Why the MajoR Corporate Entities are interested in the whole game ? Are Payment Banks profitable enough ? Do they support Financial Inclusion ? If Yes, In what way ? Which are the other countries, where the Presence of payment banks turns out to be successful ?
What are the Rules and Regulations for a Payment Bank ?
Do Read all about this. But Don’t Cram the deeper technicalities of a Payment Bank, like its Balance Sheet nuances.
I am not sure, if I have explained you that minute difference or not.Anyway. :)

Do not avoid reading Newspapers.
I know, now its all available on the Internet, But sometimes, it pays to self analyse the details than getting everything cooked up. :)


Now, Things you should Definitely Do, :

Get Ready with all your essential Documents
Still, you have got a week or so. Make a list of all the required documents, get them all on your desk, arrange them, keep in a file. As getting things early helps you to get rid of unnecessary panic at the last moment.

Do make Notes, however silly, it may sound.
Make a Notebook, Index and Write down all the topics under the Sun, for which you can be probed about.
Write down in Points, Don’t fill up the pages with garbage.
There should NOT BE any recent topic, about which you don’t have anything to say. Draft your opinion in a formal way, which you can put forward in front of a Group of 5 middle aged people.

Revise the Basic Banking Concepts
See, the point is, It should not be like “You know everything about Digital India, but not sure about the difference between Marginal Standing Facility and Liquidity Adjustment Facility.” The job is related to the Bank, so Banking Concepts are a must.

Keep Practising in front of a Mirror.
Choose a topic,Note down essential points,Recite that in front of a mirror, or a family member. That would help you in long run as Confidence is really very important.

Ending here, Wishing you luck for all your endeavours. :)