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Philippines instigated World’s maiden Public Immunization for Dengue

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The world’s first licensed vaccine “Dengvaxia” against a mosquito-borne disease “dengue” has been launched by Philippines. As per WHO, this chronic disease infects 390 million people a year globally. It is the first public immunization program for dengue fever to administer to a million school children.

Philippines instigated World's maiden Public Immunization Program for Dengue

  • According to the department of health, Philippines had the highest dengue incidence recording 200,415 cases in 2015.
  • The Philippine government is spending 5 billion pesos ($98 million) to regulate the free vaccines.
  • The vaccine is given as a three dose series, with a gap of 6 months.

What the study says about introductory “Dengvaxia”?
Vaccination of 9 year old children for 5 years, beginning in 2016 can lessen dengue cases by 24.2% in the Philippines.

  • A study of children from 9 to 16 years old showed that the vaccine reduces the risk of contracting dengue by 65.6%.
  • It also prevents dengue hospitalizations by 80% and severe dengue cases by 93%.

Dengvaxia was produced by the French pharmaceutical organization Sanofi Pasteur. It got its first permit in Mexico in December 2015 for use in people matured 9 to 45.

Keys Philippines:
Capital – Manila
Currency – Philippine peso
President – Benigno Aquino III
Manila Nickname – Pearl of the Orient