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Nobel Prize winner Lloyd Shapeley passed away

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The World famous Mathematician ,Economist and Nobel laureate Lloyd S Shapeley passed away at 92 in Arizon, USA.

About Lloyd S ShapeleyLloyd Shapeley

  • He was born in 1923 in Cambridge, USA
  • He graduated from Harvard as well as Princeton university
  • He was the creator of the game ‘so long sucker’
  • He also worked as a professor at the University of California from 1981 till his death

Lloyd and his Game theory

  • Game theory is said to be study of mathematical models of conflict and support between rational decision makers and intelligent
  • Game theory is used across various disciplines such as economics, psychology,political science,computer science ,logic and even in biology
  • He was awarded with the Nobel Memorial prize in statistics in 2012 for his theory of stable allocations and Game theory of economics field

Lloyd and his important theories

  • Stochastic games, Shapley value, Shapley-Shubik power index, Bondareva shapley theorem, the snow-shapley theorem for matrix games and Gale-Shapley algorithm

Awards received by Lloyd

  • John Van Neumann theory prize in 1981
  • Golden goose award in 2013