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NITI Aayog report: Providing health policy for India

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On November 18 2019, NITI Aayog released a report on ‘Health Systems for a New India: Building Blocks Potential Pathways to Reforms’.  The report was released by National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog Vice Chairman Dr Rajiv Kumar in the presence of Bill Gates.

This report Highlights the requirement to build India’s opportunities, by upgrading health service system over the next fifteen years. It must change the delivery of health services in a way that they should improve greater pace, without financially burdening its citizens.NITI aayog report

Key Points: –

i.Five Focus Area– the report categorizes 5 focus area of future health they are deliver on unfinished public health agenda, Modifying the health financing, incorporate the service delivery vertically and horizontally, authorize the citizens to become better consumers of health and harness the power of digital health.

ii.At a systems level of health, it should overcome the challenges of fragmentation, across healthcare financing and service delivery, which support us to improve both quality and access.

iii.Through Ayushman bharat we can claim the health related issues in hospital but it taken time to funding. The other method is the health insurance which is common in India are of 20 %. So, this Aayog report overcomes these issues.

iv.The private sector should improve the key challenges other than that Gate Foundation will help in the extension.

v.Participants-Officials from NITI Aayog, policymakers, and representatives from national & international academia and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation were present in the event.

Additional Information:

On November 30 2018, synthesis of all the discussions and efforts initiated at NITI Aayog’s ‘Development Dialogues’ held on 30 November 2018, which consolidates global findings on key health system themes of financing and provisioning, with a focus on risk pooling, strategic purchasing, health-service provisioning and digital health.