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NICL AO Preparation – Reasoning (Day 4)

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NICL AO Preparation

Dear Friends,

Try to solve the Following Questions from Reasoning within 15 minutes. I request you to use the discussion part effectively. Kindly help the others who need some assistance.

Don’t discuss any irrelevant topics. Maintain the Quality.

 (Posting Late Bcoz of Full day Power Cut)

1. Showing a Man, Sri Devi said “his brother’s daddy is the only child of my grandfather”. How is Sri Devi related to the man?

a) Aunt    b) Sister    c) Daughter    d) Mother

2. Sathyan’s sister is the wife of Ram. Ram is Rani’s Brother. Ram’s Father is Madhur. Sheetal is Ram’s Grandmother. Reema is Sheetal’s Daughter-in-law. Avinnash is Rani’s Brother’s son. Who is Avinnash to Sathyan?

a) Brother-in law    b) Son    c) Brother    d) Nephew

3. Guru Sindhuja leaves from her home. She first walks 30 m in NW direction and 30 m in SW direction. Next she walks 30 m in SE direction. Finally she turn towards her house in which Direction?

a) SE    b) SW    c) NE    d) NW

4. Daily morning the shadow of Ambika Building falls on Shiva Building. In evening the shadow of Shiva Building falls on Ambika Building. So in which direction is Ambika Building to Shiva Building?

a) Eastern Side    b) Western side    c) Northern Side    d) Southern Side

5. In a row of Girls, Radhika is 10th from the left and Sindhuja is 14th from the right. If they interchange their positions, Radhika becomes 24th from the left. How many girls are thre in the row?

a) 32    b) 34    c) 37    d) 40

6. In a row of Girls, Sunaina is seventh from the left and Prerika is fourth from the right. When Sunaina and Prerika exchange their positions, Sunaina will be 15th from the left. Then where will be Prerika’s position from the right?

a) 10th    b) 12th    c) 14th     d) 16th

Statement – Assumptions

Give A – If only Assumption I is Implicit

Give B – If only Assumption II is Implicit

Give C – If Neither I nor II is Implicit

Give D – If both I and II are Implicit

7. Statement : “Please drop the letter in the letter box”, An Officer tells his PA.


I. The PA knows the address where the letter is to be sent

II. The PA would follow the instructions.

8. “We need to appoint more teaching staffs” – The Chairman informs the School Staff.

I. Teachers are available.

II. The present Teachers are not talented.

9. “If you want to finish the work on time, provide independent cabins”, An employee tells the Manager of a RJ Company.


I. There are not enough cabins

II. Others’ presence hinders the timely completion of work.

10. “Though the candidates have been instructed to bring Blue Pens, yer provide some blue blue pens with each invigilator” – An Instruction to Test Administration Staff.


I. Blue Pens are in short supply.

II. All the candidates will bring Blue Pen.

Statement and Course of Action

Give A – If only I Follows

Give B – If only II Follows

Give C – If Neither I nor II Follows

Give D – If both I and II Follows


11. The CBCID Police receives a phone call that an officer taking bribe on his duty.


I. CBCID should catch the officer and punish him.

II. CBCID should look whether the phone call is fake or true.

12. Madurai has significant lack in water level of river which supply water.

I. There should be restricted supply of water to control the situation.

II. The Government authorities should appeal the people for the minimum use of water.

13. Today USA has more war threats from its neighboring countries.

I. USA should attack on its neighboring countries to stop these threats.

II. USA should go for dialogue to retain peace.

14. Market Gurus experts that price of Fruits will rise again shortly.

I. The concern authority should immediate store fruits to control prices.

II. The Government should arrange controlled price shop, when ever there is a price hike in market.

15. In Universities, students were found with obscene materials.

I. Students who found guilty should be expelled permanently.

II. Authorities should ban such materials inside the University campus.


1 – B6 – C11 – B
2 – D7 – D12 – D
3 – C8 – A13 – B
4 – A9 – D14 – D
5 – C10 – C15 – B