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New York Mayor declares April 14 as ‘Bindeshwar Pathak Day’

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New York City declared this year’s April 14 as ‘Bindeshwar Pathak Day’ in recognition” of the contributions made by the Indian social activist and ‘Sulabh International’ founder for improving the lives of people engaged in the “most dehumanising situation”.

  • New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio honoured Pathak for his outstanding work to improve health and hygiene and “moving the world forward“.New York Mayor declares April 14 as 'Bindeshwar Pathak Day'


Pathak was presented with the New York Global Leaders Dialogue Humanitarian Award


  • Help the oppressed and through his work and organization
  • Created new technology that improved public health and environment
  • Fundamentally changed the reality” for many communities
  • Improving the lives of people who worked in the “most dehumanising situation” and being a catalyst of change for them
  • Sulabh, which engages nearly 50,000 people, has constructed nearly 1.3 million household toilets and 54 million government toilets based on an innovative design
  • Apart from construction of toilets, the organisation is leading a movement to discourage manual cleaning of human waste


Born :             April 2, 1943 in Rampur, Bihar
Education:     M.A. (Sociology 1980), M.A. (English 1986), Ph.D. (1985), D.Litt. (1994)
Alma mater : Patna University
Known for :   Founding Sulabh International and social reform in India