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New Trust Fund Launched For Peacebuilding Activities By UN And Colombian Govt

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The UN and the Colombian government jointly launched the new trust for peace building activities especially in the conflict areas of FARC-EP (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army).

“One Humanity Shared Responsibility” report publicized by UN Sec. Gen.

Keypoints Of New Trust Fund

  • Launched in Bogota, Columbian capital
  • Fund to be managed by steering committee consisting of UN,Colombian Govt and other donors
  • Norway, Sweden and UN peacebuilding funds were the first contributors
  • Initial fund- 8million US dollars
  • Project involves demining, signage and education in mine-affected areas, improvements in social and economic infrastructure, local employment generation opportunities; food security, strengthening of the police


On 25th January, UN Security council set up a monitoring committee to end up the Latin America’s longest arm conflict for more than 51 years.

  • FARC-EP was started as a military wing of Colombian Communist party in 1964.

Key points:

  • UN spokesperson– Stephane Dujarric
  • Colombian Humanitarian coordinator– Fabrizio Hochschild
  • Colombian Post conflict minister– Rafael Pardo