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New Species of Songbird Evolving in Western Ghats

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  • Western ghat is well known as “Sky Islands” due to its higher altitude (1400m higher more than sea level) and deep valley peaks inside it spread over 700km.
  • A recent study says western ghat is a large migrants of various species of birds including 23 species of only song birds in tropical montane cloud shola forests.
  • 2 species of those song birds are oldest among them inhabiting there since 6.78 million years ago in Palghat valley.
  • 10 species have never crossed 40 km inside the valley since 1000years.
  • The National Centre for Biological Sciences researchers have told that they have found many of these songbirds have now become new species or sub-species with genetic evolution.
  • They have collected the data after a research over 350 individual birds for 3 years.
  • They said that different side of valley get diverge potentially into new species having different kind of genetically population.
  • At least two new species of shortwing and laughing thrust birds which have shown genetic diversity from their species.
  • Apart from genetic diversity aspect, birds do change their color and size in evolution.