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National Integration Day 2023 – November 19

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National Integration Day - November 19 2023National Integration Day, also known as Quami Ekta Divas, is observed annually on November 19 across India to mark the birth anniversary of India’s First Female Prime Minister (PM), Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi, popularly known as Indira Gandhi.

  • 19th November 2023 marks the 106th birth anniversary of Indira Gandhi.
  • The Day marks the beginning of National Integration Week  (Qaumi Ekta Week) which is observed from November 19 to 25 every year.

First Observance:

The first ever National Integration Day was observed on 19th November 2013.

About Indira Gandhi:
i.Indira Gandhi, daughter of India’s first PM Jawaharlal Nehru, was born on 19th November 1917 in Allahabad (officially Prayagraj), Uttar Pradesh (UP).

ii.She served as the third PM of Independent India from January 1966 to March 1977) and again from January 14, 1980, till her assassination on October 31, 1984.

iii.She was India’s second-longest-serving PM after Nehru (August 15, 1947 – May 27, 1964).

iv.Indira Gandhi was known as the ‘Iron Lady of India’.

v.She was awarded the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian award, in 1971 and Lenin Peace Prize in 1984.

National Integration Week:
i.National Integration Week is a week-long celebration which aims to strengthen the spirit of national unity, communal harmony, and pride in India’s rich cultural heritage.

ii.During this week, various events and programs are organized across the country to promote unity, peace, and brotherhood among all Indians.

iii.These events may include seminars, workshops, cultural programs, sports competitions, and the administration of the National Integration Pledge.

Overview of the daily themes:

  • National Integration Day (November 19): Emphasis on secularism, anti-communalism, and non-violence.
  • Welfare of Minorities Day (November 20): Highlighting the well-being and upliftment of minority communities.
  • Linguistic Harmony Day (November 21): Celebrating the diversity of languages and promoting linguistic harmony.
  • Weaker Sections Day (November 22): Focusing on the empowerment and development of weaker sections of society.
  • Cultural Unity Day (November 23): Promoting cultural conservation, unity in diversity, and appreciation of India’s rich cultural heritage.
  • Women’s Day (November 24): Recognizing the contributions and achievements of women in society.
  • Conservation Day (November 25): Emphasizing environmental protection and sustainable development.

Additional Info:

The National Foundation for Communal Harmony (NFCH), an autonomous organisation under the Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA), organises the Communal Harmony Campaign coinciding with the Qaumi Ekta Week and observes the Communal Harmony Flag Day on 25th November every year.