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National Energy Data: Survey and Analysis 2021-22 Report, Released by MNRE

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First-ever Comprehensive Energy Sector Report of BEE’s Energy Data Management Unit releasedOn 23rd June 2023, The report titled National Energy Data: Survey and Analysis 2021-22 was released by Raj Kumar Singh, Union Minister for Power, New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) at Shram Shakti Bhawan, New Delhi, Delhi.

  • This report is produced by the Energy Data Management Unit under the Bureau of Energy Efficiency(BEE), Ministry of Power in collaboration with NITI Aayog(National Institution for Transforming India) which provides detailed insights into energy supply and consumption patterns across various sectors of the Indian economy.

The report presents,

  • extensive data compiled from FY (Financial Year) 2016-17 to FY 2021-22, of fuel-wise energy consumption in major end-use sectors.
  • the impact of various energy conservation policies carbon dioxide emission reduction and monetary savings.

Key highlights of the report:

Value Addition:

i.The report provides detailed fuel-wise energy consumption data for various sectors which enables to understand their energy profiles.

ii.The use of distinct conversion factors for domestic coal and imported coal, based on different calorific values, provides a realistic picture of coal-based energy supply and consumption in the country.

iii.The report incorporates the Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation’s (MOSPI) 2023 report, which employs a weighted average methodology to derive coal conversion factors for different grades of coal.

iv.This report also provides us with the impact of various policies on energy savings and Carbon dioxide(CO2) emission reduction with corresponding monetary savings.

New Insights:

i.By utilizing Indian coal conversion factors instead of the International Energy Agency’s conversion factors, it is revealed that the energy for the past six years was actually 18% lower than previously reported.

ii.The report indicates an 8% decrease in energy consumption in the year 2021-22.

iii.The share of electrification on consumption has increased to 20.9%.


i.The report helps for assessing the availability of data on various energy products in the country.

ii.It enables policymakers to analyze the energy intensity of the country, facilitating the formulation of robust policies and necessary course corrections.

Way Forward:

i.The report highlights the need to bridge the data gap related to non-commercial energy sources such as biomass, which play a significant role in meeting energy needs.

ii.There is a need to enhance exploration data, including 2D(two-dimensional) and 3D(three dimensional) surveys.

iii.Future editions of the report are expected to incorporate data from government-subsidized projects and capture additional information on energy sources.

iv.The primary goal is to minimize our reliance on imported energy sources. To achieve this, we have a two-fold approach: firstly, we aim to electrify the economy, and secondly, we strive to transition to greener energy alternatives.

NOTE: The presentation of the report was given by Abhay Bakre, Director General, BEE.

About Ministry of New and Renewable Energy(MNRE):

Union Minister– Raj Kumar Singh (Constituency-Arrah,Bihar)
State Minister– Bhagwanth Khuba (Constituency-Bidar,Karnataka)