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Microsoft’s Paul Allen Discovered Japan’s WW II War Ship Musashi

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US multi-billionaire and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has discovered the famous War ship of World War II – Japan’s Musashi and it’s sister ship Yamato in Sibuyan Sea, a seabed of Philippines. Musashi was sunk by American forces during the war, 70 years ago. It is one of the largest battleships in history.

Musashi was designed to take on multiple enemy ships simultaneously. It was launched in November 1940. Musashi weighed 73,000 tonnes fully laden and carried a crew of 2,500. It could reach speeds of up to 27 knots.

The thing which created fear in enemies about Musashi was it’s armament, which included the largest-calibre guns ever fitted to a warship. A 18.1 inch cannon was mounted in three triple turrets, each capable of firing up to two 1,460 kg armour-piercing shells a minute over a range of 26 miles.