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Low cost and environment-friendly solar lighting device Solar Jyoti launched by Dr.HarshVardhan

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Science and Technology and Earth Sciences Minister, Dr. Harsh Vardhan launched the Low Cost and Environment-friendly solar lighting device, Surya Jothi the device has been developed under the aegis of the Science& Technology Department.

  • This technology would lead to the saving of fossil fuels to a great extent as 1 unit of energy saved is equivalent to 3 units of energy generated.  solar lighting device Solar Jyoti launched by Dr.HarshVardhan
  • Incubation centres will be brought up under the Start up India, Stand up India programme which would encourage entrepreneurship in the solar sector to make commercialization of the device viable.


  • If this technology is adopted in 10 million households only, it has the potential of saving 1750 million units of energy.
  • The Device would also lead to an emission reduction of about 5 million ton of CO2 equivalent, hence giving a fillip to the mission of Clean India, Green India.

How it Works:

  • The Micro Solar Dome absorbs sunlight by a transparent semi-spherical upper dome and concentrates it inside a dark room.
  • The Captured light passes through a sun-tube having a thin layer of highly reflective coating on the inner wall of the passage.
  • It is leak proof and works for almost 16 hours daily and throughout the day and 4 hours after sunset.
  • The Photo-Voltaic Integrated Micro Solar Dome costs about Rs.1200 and the Non Photo-Voltaic version around Rs. 500.