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Last Minute Tips for IBPS PO Mains

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Well begun is half done, as you all have qualified the prelims that means almost 33.33% of the work has been already done, now the remaining 66.66% of the work includes mains and interview.

As the mains exam is due on 26th November the following 5 points are to be kept in mind regarding the D-day.Last-Minute-Tips1.If the paper is tough it is tough for other students too, so don’t lose your calm in that case, as from the past 1 and a half year there have been instances of unexpected difficulty level and introduction of new pattern of question especially in the last year IBPS PO mains and SBI PO mains.

All of you need to understand that it is new and unexpected to everyone.So you have to give your best.

2.You have to smartly select your questions according to the question and topics you known first ; don’t get stuck on a particular question for more than a sensible amount of time.

The examiner does not expect you to solve every single question but expects certain accuracy from you, they are not looking for a rocket science scientist but efficient bank officers who can endure stress in his/her job and career so choose your questions smartly and try to have accuracy in those.

3.Also you need to be well versed with the pattern and the sections which you will be supposed to solve. I hope you all are aware of it, and in case you are not the following chart and the link will help you become familiar.

Sections that will appear from first to last and their respective number of questions, time allotted for that section and total marks for that section is given below:

SectionsNo. of questionsTime AllottedTotal marks
Reasoning and Computer Aptitude4560 min60
Data analysis and Interpretation3545 min60
General Awareness4035 min40
English language3540 min40
Total1553 hours200

And for the patterns that were in there in the recent exams like SBI PO mains have been covered in the daily test prepared by us. To have a glance of the latest patterns you can click the link below:

4.Time and accuracy play a crucial role, remember you have enough time to attempt a good no. of questions in each section, all you have to do is smart selection and accuracy.

Also there is no point in telling which set of questions to attempt first as everyone has their differ sets of favourites and terrors, so we feel you are smart enough to select your choice of selection of questions, always pefer those questions which you are confident in.

5.For descriptive test, you need not worry at all as they normally give general topics on which almost everyone can write, all you need to do is sit in front of a computer/ laptop write 4-5 essays and 3-5 letters on random topics just to know that you could easily do the same during the exam.

Yes, the main catch is
(i) You have to write sensible, do not blabber anything.
(ii) Be strictly within the word limit given, you can take a margin of maximum 10-15 words beyond the limit, the limit is very normal i.e. around 150 word for essay, so you have to write brief and sensible.
(iii) Strictly follow the pattern of the letter either for formal or informal.

You think what you become, so be positive and know that you are capable enough to crack this exam so let not be a single negative thought and you are definitely in as your hard work will definitely pay off. Be positive, focused and smart. All the very best to all of you.

For any queries or any suggestion or motivation or anything feel free to ask in the comment section, we are always listening.

Happy learning