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Largest Human Genomic Variation log created

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An international team of scientists have created the world’s largest catalogue of genomic differences among humans that will give suggestion to query why some people are open to various diseases.

  • Difference in people’s genomes is called variants which are of two types. Some are beneficial while the others lead to diseases like cognitive disabilities, vulnerable to cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other disorders.

To generate a standard reference for all fields of biological science mainly in genetics, medicine, pharmacology, biochemistry, and bioinformatics

  • This study of the contribution of genomic variants to disease will help doctors or clinicians to develop new methods of preventions with improved treatments.

Largest Human Genome Variation log created

An international team of researchers in the US, UK, China, Germany and Canada from the “1000 Genomes Project” (launched in 2008) examined the genomes of 2,504 people from 26 populations across Africa, East and South Asia, Europe and the Americas.


  • From the 2,504 samples scientists the examined difference in the structure of the genome.
  • They found nearly 69,000 differences which are called as structural variants.
  • 88 million sites in the human genome varies among people; now this will used as valuable tool by scientists for further researches.
  • Out of 88 million sites about 12 million had common variants that were shared by many of the populations
  • Evidences shows that persons originated in Africa or the persons migrated from Africa to other countries around the world are having largest genomic diversity.

Genome is a genetic material of an organism consists of DNA or RNA. Each single genome is filled with the information to be needed to build and sustain that organism.