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Jharkhand Government launches Shaheed Gram Vikas Yojana

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         On September 17,2017 Jharkhand Government launched the “Shaheed Gram Vikas Yojana”  at  Ulihatu Village ,Khunti district of Jharkhand. BJP President Amit Shah along with Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das launched the initiative.

The scheme aims at developing the  villages of freedom fighters in the state . Ulihatu Village is  the birth place of freedom fighter and Jharkhand’s tribal icon, Birsa Munda.

Amit_Shah_launches_Shaheed_Gram_Vikas_YojanaBenefits of Shaheed Gram vikas yojana:-

i. villages of many tribal freedom fighters will be developed and their habitants will be provided basic amenities. Amit shah gave away gas connections, solar lamps to some of the beneficiaries.

ii.136 pucca houses will be built. Development in this area was sluggish due to left wing extremism.

Birsa Munda:-

i) He is known for his leadership in munda rebellion which happened at the end of 19th century .The rebellion is called ulgulan meaning ‘Great Tumult’.

ii)The rebellion aimed to drive away the British and establish Munda Raj or Munda rule in this region. It started in the year 1895 due to the policies of British that intervened in tribal politics and religious matters.

ii) Birsa Munda was a freedom fighter, religious leader, and tribal hero who belonged to the Munda tribe from Chhotanagpur area

iv)Birsa Munda was a master at Guerilla Warfare techniques. He launched various surprise attacks in which many police officials were killed

v)The Britishers were able to arrest Birsa Munda on Mar 3, 1900. He was sentenced to death but he died beforehand inside the jail due to cholera.

Jharkhand Quick facts :-

  • Capital                         Ranchi
  •  Governor                    Draupadi Murmu
  •  Chief Minister            Raghubar Das