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Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sworn-in for the 5th time

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Israel swears in unity govt led by NetanyahuOn May 18, 2020, Benjamin Netanyahu has been sworn as the Israel Prime Minister (PM) for the 5th time after signing of power-sharing deal with rival-turned-partner Benny Gantz of Blue and White Party. He will now chair the post until 13 November 2021.

Key Points:

i.Ending the crisis: With this, the longest political deadlock in the Isreal’s history came to an end. During the standoff, the caretaker government held the reins for more than 500 days and no one got a clear majority in three successive elections.

ii.Votes in favor: During the new government’s vote of confidence in the 120-person Israeli parliament (the Knesset), 73 votes were cast in favor, while 46 votes were cast in opposition. Not getting a clear majority in the elections, Netanyahu formed a unity government with Benny Gantz. The new government will have 36 ministers and 16 deputy ministers.

iii.3-year coalition deal: The new government, which according to the three-year coalition agreement, where Gantz was sworn in as defense minister and alternate prime minister. Under the agreement, Netanyahu will step down after 18 months in the new government and Gantz will take over as prime minister on 17 November 2021.

iv.Longest stay PM: In July 2019, Netanyahu surpassed David Ben-Gurion to achieve Israel’s longest-serving prime minister. The Netanyahu government was to be sworn in on May 14, 2020, but it was postponed because of a furore over the ministerial position in the ruling Likud party. Rejecting the possibility that it would have any impact on the efforts of a peace deal with Palestine, Netanyahu stated that on the contrary it would lead to a peace agreement. Israel’s close ally America is also in support of this proposal.

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