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International Sex Workers Day 2022 – June 2

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International Sex Workers Day 2022

The International Sex Workers Day is annually observed across the globe on 2nd June to recognise the exploited working conditions of the sex workers and honour the sex workers who are the victims of cruelty and violence.

  • The day aims to recognise the struggles of sex workers to get their basic rights and to demand equal rights and respect for the sex workers.
  • International Sex Workers Day is also known as International Whores Day.

The International Sex Workers Day observance is annually led by the Global Network of Sex Work Projects(NSWP).

Every year, NSWP observes International Sex Workers’ Day with a focus on the theme of “Access to Justice”. 


i.Around 100 sex workers occupied the Saint Nizier Church in Lyon, France on 2nd June 1975, to protest against the criminalisation of sex work and to express their anger about their exploitative living conditions. They also launched a media campaign to express their grievances to the world.

ii.Since 1975, the 2nd June of every year is marked as the International Sex Workers Day.


i.The Consensus Statement of NSWP details 8 fundamental rights that sex worker-led groups from around the world identify as crucial targets for their activism and advocacy.

ii.The 8 rights are,

  • right to associate and organise;
  • right to be protected by the law;
  • right to be free from violence;
  • right to be free from discrimination;
  • right to privacy, and freedom from arbitrary interference;
  • right to health;
  • right to move and migrate;
  • right to work and free choice of employment