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Indigenous technology demonstrator of reusable launch vehicle tested successfully

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Name of the Rocket: RLV-TD

Launching Staion: Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh
Necessity: Capable of launching satellites into orbit around earth and reentering the atmosphere
Departed Time and Date: 7 a.m., 23rd of May 2016.

Isro launch reusable rocket


  • It re-entered to earth’s atmosphere at a hypersonic speed of more than 5 Mach.
  • It touched down the Bay of Bengal between Chennai and the Andaman archipelago.

10-minute mission:

It is also known as hypersonic flight experiment.

M.C. Dathan Statement:

  • He negotiated that the mission was successful and it was healthy in nature
  • He is the former director of Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre at Thiruvananthapuram

About RLV:

  • It is an India’s own space shuttle
  • It brings a way to achieve low cost, reliable and on-demand space access
  • It is the series of technology demonstration missions
  • It is the first step towards realising a Two Stage To Orbit (TSTO) fully re-usable vehicle

Configuration in similar purpose:

  • It behaves as a flying testbed to evaluate various technologies
  • Air-breathing propulsion systems in hypersonic flight, autonomous landing and powered cruise flight