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India’s first N-submarine INS Arihant aces deep sea test

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Having passed several deep sea diving drills as well as weapons launch tests over the past few months, and now it is ready for formal induction into the Naval Fleet.

  • India’s ambitious indigenously build first Nuclear Armed Submarine is ready for full-fledged operations.
  • The RFS –Epron a Russian ship supplemented nuclear submarine on its deep sea dives and launch tests since October last year that took place in Visakhapatnam.

The Project timeline:

  • 1970 – The project sanctioned, and 1984 the project has got approved the design and technology finalized.INS Arihant
  • 1998- Work on the project started with the massive involvement of private sector.
  • 2009- The lead vessel of the class INS Arihant is formally launched.
  • 2013-Arihant’s on board nuclear reactor attains criticality and in 2014 it begins to extensive sea and Weapon Trails.
  • 2015 -INS Arihant successfully test fired dummy B5 missile.
  • 2016 February 23 – Boat reported to be ready for commissioning and will be featured in the future Fleet Reviews.

You Should Know:

  • The Arihant (Killer of Enemies) class of nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines indigenously build by Navy ShipbuildingCenter – Visakhapatnam for the Indian Navy.
  • It is developed cost of USD 2.9 billion under Advanced Technology vessel (ATV).
  • The Boat will have a length of 112 m overall, can displace 6000 tonnes and driving depth of 300m submerged and powered with 83 MW pressurized Water Reactor.
  • The 5,443,108 kg heavy submarine will be armed with 12 Short Range K-15 missiles and k-4 ballistic missiles with a range of over 700 kilometers and 3500 kilometers