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Indian Olympic Association Adopts New Visual Identity to Celebrate 100 Years of Participation in Olympic Games

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IOA marks 100 years at the Olympic Games milestoneOn 6th July 2020, To mark the 100th year of Indian participation in the Olympic Games the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) adopted a new visual identity (Logos). The logo celebrates the contribution of the athletes and the officials all over the world towards Team India.

The Logo:

i.The newly adopted logo is a symbol representing India’s identity and IOA’s value in sports.

ii.The tricolour(Tiranga) infused in the typography is a celebration of the Indian pride, the flag at full-mast representing the pride, dignity and the determined hard work of the athletes and the officials.

iii.The identity represents the value of unity, friendship and merit that are upheld by the IOA.

iv.These logos are approved by the International Olympic Committee(IOC).

v.The IOA will hold a special launch event of the logo on 15th August 2020.


The existing logo of the IOA was designed from the “Star of India” in the British Period which was used since the formation of IOA.

About IOA:
President– Narinder Dhruv Batra
Secretary General– Rajeev Mehta
Headquarters– New Delhi