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Indian Air Force Launched the II Phase of Guardians of the Skies

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The Indian Air Force (IAF) launched the second phase of its 3D mobile air combat game, Guardians of the Skies (GOTS),  developed by Threye Interactive in accordance with the strict concept and guidelines laid down by the IAF.

GOTS is a recruitment strategy by IAF to induce intense patriotism in the youngsters of India. The enemies in “GOTS” are the fictional Zazurians of a neighboring country.

GOTS, which is freely available on android, windows and iOS platforms for mobile, has been conceptualized to showcase the might of the air force in a virtual format with users being offered gripping air combat scenarios and realistic graphics.

The game received an enthusiastic response from gamers in the age group of 15-25 years and has been complimented for its realistic graphics and game play. The game has won the prestigious Best Indian Game award from Microsoft on its windows application store.