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India, UAE released Joint Statement to take bilateral relations to a higher level

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Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, visited the United Arab Emirates from 16-17 August 2015 after 34 years marks the beginning of a new and comprehensive strategic partnership between India and UAE in a world of multiple transitions and changing opportunities and challenges. .

  • India and UAE, these two countries have the potential to build a transformative economic partnership, not only for sustained prosperity of their two countries, but to also advance progress in the region and help realize the vision of an Asian Century.
  • India and UAE share centuries-old ties of commerce, culture and kinship.
  • The two nations reject extremism and any link between religion and terrorism.
  • Proximity, history, cultural affinity, strong links between people, natural synergies, shared aspirations and common challenges create boundless potential for a natural strategic partnership between India and UAE.

Abu Dhabi, His Highness Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Zayed AI Nahyan and Prime Minister Narendra Modi agreed to seize this historic moment of opportunity and shared responsibility to chart a new course in their partnership for the 21st century which includes:

  • Elevate the India-UAE relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership.
  • Coordinate efforts to counter radicalization and misuse of religion by groups and countries for inciting hatred, perpetrating and justifying terrorism or pursuing political aims
  • Denounce and oppose terrorism in all forms and manifestations.
  • Enhance cooperation in counter-terrorism operations, intelligence sharing and capacity building.
  • Work together for the adoption of India’s proposed Comprehensive convention on International Terrorism in the United Nations.
  • Work together to control, regulate and share information on flow of funds.
  • Strengthen cooperation in law enforcement, anti-money laundering, drug trafficking, other trans-national crimes, extradition arrangements, as well as police training.
  • Promote cooperation in cyber security, including prevention on use of cyber for terrorism, radicalization and disturbing social harmony.
  • Establish a dialogue between their National Security Advisors and National Security Councils.
  • Cooperate to strengthen maritime security in the Gulf and the Indian Ocean region, which is vital for the security and prosperity of both countries.
  • Promote collaboration and inter-operability for humanitarian assistance and evacuation in natural disasters and conflict situations.
  • Strengthen defence relations.
  • Cooperate in manufacture of defence equipment in India.
  • Work together to promote peace, reconciliation, stability, inclusiveness and cooperation in the wider South Asia, Gulf and West Asia region.
  • Support efforts for peaceful resolution of conflicts.
  • Call on all nations to fully respect and sincerely implement their commitments to resolve disputes bilaterally and peacefully.
  • Establish a Strategic Security Dialogue between the two governments.
  • Facilitate participation of Indian companies in infrastructure development in UAE.
  • Promote strategic partnership in the energy sector, including through UAE’s participation in India.
  • Further promote trade between the two countries.
  • Tap India’s expertise in Small and Medium Enterprises to create a vibrant industrial base in UAE, which could also be of benefit to Indian enterprises.
  • Strengthen cooperation between UAE’s increasingly sophisticated educational institutions and India’s universities and higher research institutions
  • Promote cooperation in Space, including in joint development and launch of satellites.UAE’s plan to set up the West Asia’s first Space Research Centre at AI Ain and plans to launch a Mars Mission in 2021.
  • Cooperate in peaceful uses of nuclear energy including in areas like safety, health, agriculture and science and technology.
  • Prime Minister thanked UAE for its support for India’s candidature for permanent membership of a reformed United Nations Security Council.
  • The finalization of the post-2015 Development Agenda with elimination of poverty by 2030 as its core objective was a welcome development.
  • The International Conference on Climate Change in Paris in December 2015 should produce an effective agreement, which includes provision of means and technologies to developing countries to transition to clean energy.