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India tops milk output in 2014-15, but lags behind in productivity: NDRI data

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India had topped the record of milk production which is of 146.31 million tonnes in 2014-15 and it was 137.7 million tonnes in the previous year as per the National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) data but it lags behind in the productivity.

Key Highlights

  • India tops the list of the major milk-producing countries in the world followed by the USA, China, Pakistan and Brazil.NDRI
  • But the milk productivity (production per animal) in the country is very less as compared to those in developed dairy nations.
  • Currently the share of India for milk production is nearly 16% of total world production.
  • Globally the production increase by an average of 2.2%.
  • The report about the productivity of milk was generated by NDRI.
  • The total milk production is recorded as 146.31 million tonnes.
  • The domestic consumption of Milk in India is very high which results in the lower productivity.

About NDRI

  • The National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) is a dairy research Institute.It is situated in Karnal Haryana and established in 1932.
  • The Dairy Research Institution undertakes research, teaching and extension activities towards dairy development in the country
  • The institute accorded the status of Deemed University in the year 1989.
  • The world first in vitro fertilized buffalo calf was born at NDRI.
  • The first IVF buffalo calf Pratham of the world was also cloned by NDRI.

Director of NDRI: A.K Srivastava is the