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India ranks 119 in FM Global Business Resilience Index

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In the recently released FM Global Business Resilience Index, India has been ranked to 119th position out of 130 countries. The Index measures business resilience of countries based on economic, risk quality and supply chain factors. The Index provides powerful insights to assist the business executives all over the world to target their investments towards more genuine returns and also to protect their customers from unexpected disruption. The 2015 FM Global Resilience Index has been excelled by Norway.

The Index used nine key drivers that are categorized into three factors. They are,

  1. Economic Productivity (India’s rank – 115)
  2. Risk Quality (India’s rank – 109)
  3. Supply Chain to assess business resilience of the countries (India’s rank – 89).

The report states that despite India’s huge economic potential, the country is placed at the 119th position because one third of India’s population is still living below the poverty line. India was ranked 112 in 2014 FM Global Business Resilience Index.  At the 123rd rank, Pakistan is in the bottom 10 countries on the index. Venezuela is ranked last on the list.

The top 10 countries are,

  1. Norway
  2. Switzerland
  3. Netherlands
  4. Ireland
  5. Luxembourg
  6. Germany
  7. Qatar
  8. Canada
  9. Finland
  10. United States