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India Ranks 106th Among 145 Nations in World Giving Index

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India is at number 106 in the list of 145 generous nations put on The Charities Aid Foundation’s World Giving Index.The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) World Giving Index, a study based on surveys in 145 countries carried out by Gallup.

World Giving Index

Three criteria are used to evaluate this list

  1. The percentage of people who have given to charity
  2. Volunteered their time
  3. Helped a stranger in the last month.

Top 10 Countries 

3New Zealand
8Sri Lanka

  • India is last among the eight countries included fromSouth Asia in the survey.
  • Only five of the top 20 countries are part of G20 which represent the largest economies of the world. Six of G20 countries are not even in the top 100 in the list.
  • The bottom four countries are China, Yemen, Lithuania, and Burundi.

India’s Position :

India ranks 106th  behind Brazil and last among eight countries included from South Asia in the survey.

  • The proportion of ‘givers’ in India fell substantially in 2014 compared to 2013.India has more people who help strangers (334 million in 2014), donate money (183 million) and volunteer their time for a good cause (156 million) than any other country.
  • The survey excluded population living in Northeast states and on remote islands. In addition, some districts from Assam, Jammu & Kashmir, UP, Bihar and Jharkhand were replaced due to deteriorating security situation.

World Giving Index :

The World Giving Index (WGI) is an annual report published by the Charities Aid Foundation, using data gathered by Gallup and ranks over 145 countries.

  • CAF Chief : Meenakshi Batra