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India ranked 2nd in world on Social-media Cyber attack for 2014

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The Internet-Threat Security-report for the year 2014 has listed India 2nd in the list of most preferred targets for Social-Media based Cyber-attack in the world. U.S.A ranks first in the listing. The news has come when social-media is witnessing a rapid growth in India. The scams related to this region rose by 6% in India in 2004. This is higher than Canada and United-Kingdom.

  • More than 80% of the attack-opportunities were created through manual methods. This happened because of the Indian user’s trust on “Shared-content” in the media.
  • Major attacking mode has been through e-mails.
  • The social-media in India serves as a perfect launching-pad for the Cyber-criminals to operate freely and easily.
  • Most of the attacks were made through “attractive offers” given to the innocent-users. This includes clicking on “Like” button, sending comments through “fake” apps etc.
  • The Cyber-attackers have developed a new method called “ransom-ware”. This can lock any system-connected device. When the user wishes to access it, s/he has to pay the “ransom-money” as demanded by the attacker.
  • Lat year, this sort of attack increased by 113% all over the world. India is ranked third in Asia. On an average, more than 7 such attacks happen within 1 hour.
  • Small business in India faced more than 34% of cyber-Attacks in 2014.