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India ranked 105th out of 130 countries on Global Human Capital Index

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According to Human Capital Index, India ranked at 105th position globally among 130 countries and topped by Finland

Criteria: Nations ability to nurture, Develop and organize talent for Economic Growth

Released by: World Economic Forum, Geneva


  • 1st Position – FinlandWEF
  • 2nd Position – Norway
  • 3rd Position – Switzerland
  • 4th Position – Japan
  • 5th Position – Sweden
  • 6th Position – New Zealand
  • 7th Position – Denmark
  • 8th Position – The Netherlands
  • 9th Position – Canada
  • 10th Position – Belgium

India’s ranking:

  • India ranks much below than China, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka
  • In 2015, India ranked 100th rank
  • India has optimized 57% of its human Capital endowment
  • Youth Literacy rate has been reached at 90% only while India’s Educational system has enhanced markedly over the various age groups
  • India ranks poorly on labour force participation because of employment gender gaps

 Position of India in various categories:

  • Quality of Education System: 39th Position
  • Ease of finding skilled employees: 45th Position
  • Staff Training: 46th Position
  • Youth literacy rate: 103rd Position
  • Employment gender gaps: 121st Position

Key Aspects:

  • India had the largest share in the Global distribution of tertiary degree holder in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics after China
  • Only 65% of the world’s talent is being optimized through education, skills development and deployment
  • The adaptation of educational institutions, labour market policy and workplaces are essential to growth, equality and social stability
  • Countries ranked below India include Nepal, Myanmar, Haiti, Malawi and Burundi and Pakistan

About the World Economic Forum:

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  • Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland
  • Founder: Klaus Schwab
  • Founded: 1971