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India Became 4th Country & Maharashtra Became 1st State – To Implement Blockchain-Powered Educational Documents

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India becomes Fourth Country & Maharashtra

The government of Maharashtra, with the help of LegitDoc, a blockchain startup, plans to implement the world’s largest blockchain-powered educational credentialing system by issuing tamper-proof digital diploma certificates under the blockchain system.

  • Through such initiative, the Govt of Maharashtra became the 1st state in India to implement a blockchain-based educational document registry, and around the globe, India (Maharashtra Government) became the 4th country to achieve such registry after Malta, Singapore, and Bahrain.
  • LegitDoc, a SaaS (software as a service) based platform, has supported the Maharashtra govt in issuing and verifying around 1 million digital diploma certificates for students of ‘Maharashtra State Board of Skill Development’ (MSBSD) across 8 academic years.

Features of Blockchain-based Certificates:

i.Time-Saving: The LegitDoc’s blockchain-based system has reduced the human intervention and the manpower required to dispatch certificates to students was reduced from 1122 to 2 and the time took for verification was also reduced from 20-45 days to 10 min.

ii.Privacy: The certificates would provide data privacy, ease of verification, cost-effectiveness, eco-friendliness and ease of migration for issuers (MSBSD). Blockchain would help to overcome the longstanding problem of document forgery

iii.Accessibility: These certificates could be verified instantly from anywhere around the world.

Blockchain technology:

i.It is a distributed digital database(ledger) that maintains a continuous list of ordered records, called blocks, those blocks are linked using cryptography and forms a ‘block chain’, those blocks/records could not be altered without the alteration of all subsequent blocks (data protection).

ii.This technology is being used globally in many sectors viz, financial sector, e-governance, Healthcare, Science and Tech, etc.

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About LegitDoc: 

It is the flagship product of Crossforge Solutions Pvt Ltd, a Bangalore, Karnataka based technology company which is specialized in blockchain Decentralised application (DApp) development.

About Maharashtra State Board of Skill Development (MSBSD):
Establishment – 1986
Headquarters – Mumbai, Maharashtra
President – Anil M. Jadhav