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IIT-Roorkee professor develops software to detect COVID-19 within 5 seconds using X-ray scan

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Kamal Jain, professor at Civil Engineering Department, IIT (Indian Institute of Technology)- Roorkee, Uttarakhand, has developed a software which can detect COVID-19 within 5 seconds using x-ray scan of the suspected patient.IIT professor develops softwareKey Points:

i.The software was developed within 40 days and the professor has filed a patent for the software and has approached Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) for a review.

ii.The software will not only reduce testing costs but will also reduce the risk of exposure to healthcare professionals.

iii.Kamal Jain also added that he first developed an artificial intelligence (AI)-based database after analysing over 60,000 x-rays, including those of COVID-19, pneumonia and tuberculosis patients to differentiate between the kind of chest congestion suffered in the 3 diseases and also analysed the Chest x-ray database of the United States (US) NIH (National Institutes of Health) Clinical Center.

iv.Uses of Software: The doctor can simply upload the pictures of an individual’s X-ray, in the software developed by Kamal Jain. The software will not only classify whether the patient has any sign of pneumonia, it will be able to tell whether it is due to COVID-19 or other bacteria and also measure the severity of infection.

v.The software helps in accurate preliminary screening which can be supplemented by clinical testing for those tested positive for the deadly Coronavirus.

vi.The professor also added that pneumonia caused by COVID-19 is severe than other bacteria as it affects lungs completely than smaller portions of lungs in other cases. The software will analyse bilateral opacity, pattern of fluid build-up in lungs & nature of clump or clot if any.

vii.He also claimed that similar kinds of experiments are being conducted by the University of Amazon in the United States.

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