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IIT Madras with Helyxon Developed First of Its Kind Remote Patient Monitoring Solution for COVID-19

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IIT Madras ties up with Helyxon to develop remote patient monitoring solutionsHealthcare Technology Innovation Centre(HTIC) of Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) in partnership with Helyxon Healthcare Solutions Private Limited, a healthcare startup in IIT Madras jointly developed a first of its kind remote patient monitoring device for COVID-19.

  • The device was engineered based on the clinical input to provide a low cost, simple and easy to use device to monitor the patients from anywhere at the hospital or home.

Remote Patient Monitoring Device:

i.The device provides clinically accurate continuously monitors of the four critical parameters like, temperature, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate and heart rate

ii.The software platform of the device provides uninterrupted alerts on any rapid increase in the patient’s parameters.

iii.This reusable device can be used for over a year.

iv.Based on the configuration of the device the cost ranges from Rs.2500 to 10,000.

Development of the device:

i.The core technology of the device was validated by a year long multi-centric study at numerous chennai based medical institutes for accuracy and performance in line with current standards.

ii.The device was aimed to reduce the close contact with the patients by the healthcare workers like doctors and nurses and savings in PPE.


i.This device is self-contained, portable and wireless which can be easily clipped on to the patients fingers.

ii.The temperature of the patient is measured at the armpit and the other parameters are measured at the fingers.

iii.The data from the device are streamed to the mobile phone or the central monitoring system.


i.The device can be used for tele consultations with doctors, healthcare workers and hospitals.

ii.This device can be used for patient management by the doctors and hospitals.

Key Points:

i.The device has reached around 2000 patients of public and private hospitals and an additional 5000 devices are in the pipeline.

ii.To meet the current requirement of the device in Stanley Medical College Hospital, Institute of Child Health, Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology, various Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) have come forward to procure the device.

iii.The solution scalable to around 100 patients monitored by the hospital or a central authority.

About IIT Madras:
Director– Bhaskar Ramamurthi
Inaugurated– 1959

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