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International Centre for Clean Water at IIT-M set to Collaborate with DG TAKANO to Introduce New Clean Water Technologies in India

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IIT-Madras signs MoU with Japanese firm TAKANOInternational Centre for Clean Water (ICCW), an initiative by IITM(Indian Institute of Technology Madras) to collaborate with DG TAKANO, Japanese firm.

Aim– To introduce new clean water technologies in India.


Recently, ICCW and DG TAKANO signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on projects on clean water. The MoU also aims to develop innovative products that address the existing societal and environmental challenges in the area of clean and safe drinking water worldwide.

Projects Undertaken 

The projects that will be undertaken under the collaboration will be in the areas of clean water, water treatment, water security and management that cover raw water and wastewater.

Points to be Noted

  • One of the  world’s most water-stressed countries is India.
  • As per UNICEF(United Nations Children’s Fund), India is  facing an economic burden of around USD 600 million annually due to waterborne diseases.

Terms of Partnership:

DG TAKANO will provide its Expertise and support ICCW

  • DG TAKANO will provide its expertise on advanced Japanese sustainable technologies.
  • To develop innovative products and technologies, DG TAKANO will support ICCW to collaborate with Japanese companies

Interns from IIT Madras will be hired 

Interns will be hired by DG TAKANO from IIT Madras.

ICCW will provide Technical capabilities

  • ICCW will provide technical capabilities that includes, analysis of groundwater, clean water, treated water, assessment of water security, selection and development of the most appropriate technology.
  • It also provides its implementation, local technical training and maintenance support.

Joint Development of New products and services

New products and services that relate to the projects will be jointly developed by ICCW and DG TAKANO.

Joint R&D and Undertake New Projects

  • ICCW and DG TAKANO will undertake new projects and will conduct joint R&D(Research and Development) to resolve the water crisis.
  • These project spotlights the implementation of proven technology, field testing of the developing technology, development of new technology, educational training and internship programs.

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About Indian Institute of Technology Madras(IITM):
Director– Professor Bhaskar Ramamurthi
HeadQuarters– Chennai, TamilNadu

Head Office– Tokyo, Japan
CEO and Founder– Masaaki Takano