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IBPS RRB PO Interview Experience shared by Jigs Baviskar

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Hi friends!!!

Our reader Baviskar shared interview experience that he had during IBPS RRB PO Interview Experience. You can learn from his experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.


Hello everyone… On disqus I m registered as an “Ambitious Bird”. Though I’m late but I am sharing my RRB PO Interview experience.


Venue: Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

My turn came in the afternoon around at 3:30pm. There were 5 members in my Panel including 1 female member. (Women Empowerment;))

I greeted everyone and they asked me to sit.M1 was looking like a head by his dressing and attitude.Most of the questions asked to me was from this head. He saw my academics degree first.After looking my docs…

M1 : Ohhh so u r an ICWA final student.
Me: Yes sir. (I was smiling through out the Interview as I was not feeling any pressure. Bcz this was my 2nd Interview after IBPS PO last year.)

M1: ok to aapne k bad ICWA kiya?
Me: Yes sir

M1: To aap bank me q aana chahte hai?
Me: As my papa is in BOB i m well aware about the working culture of BOB so I could explain them well. While answering I had said I wanna go ahead in this sector.

M2 : How much ahead?
Me: Sir, Maximum

M2 insisted: still how much?
Me: Sir, maximum I can go in my career. (So he smiled and said okay okay)

M1 again: So tell me what is Balance Sheet.
Me: Explained very well as I was also an Auditor in almost 7-8 companies. So i had better knowledge of it. But I deliberately used the word RATIO ANALYSIS as it is part n parcel of Balance sheet to check the health of any company.

So they started asking me about balance sheet ratios in detail. and I answered those all questions in detail. They asked around 5-6 questions on Ratio Analysis. But their favourite was Leverage Ratio. The Head tried to build pressure on me asking practical scenario based que on Leverage and counter questioning my answers. But my concepts were clear on this topic so i kept on smiling and answering.

M3: okay what is FIFO LIFO and all these?
Me: Again explained very well.

M4: If we want to convert a Public sector co. into private sector then what should we do?
Me: Initially i thought they are asking me about Intial Corpus required and registration procedure. but they interrupted me and asked to tell me consifdering Share holding. So I answered accordingly and they all seemed satisfied. Including the Head.

(In my this interview experience I have skipped some personal questions asked to me as they were simple and they were just to make u feel easy initially.)

So ultimately the Head gave me a smile. (From beginning he was Hitler in my interview but then he smiled ultimately)

The all male members wished me all the best. Female member was still lazy in her attitude (Women Empowerment was wiped out from this female member I guess. As at a time I saw at her eyes n i felt like she was really sleeping.) But I greeted all of them and left the room…:))

I hope this interview experience willl be useful for Commerce Background students.

All the best for the result. Result may be anything. But Hope For The Best Always as this is a pure competition. You may win you may loose. But keep positive attitude throughout.

Thanx to Team
Ambitious Bird:)

All the best for your Result !!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU Baviskar for sharing your Interview Experience with us