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IBPS PO 2017 Practice Test – Reasoning Day 5

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Hello Aspirants.

Welcome to Online Reasoning Section with explanation in Here we are creating Best question samples for IBPS PO 2017. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in bank exams !!!

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Q(1-5). Answer the following question based on the information given below.
A number arrangement machine when given an input of words/numbers, rearranges them following a particular rule in each step. The following is an illustration of input and steps of rearrangement
Input: Carry Gaint 17 23 Paint 33 45 Right 31 Dance Eagle 16
Step 1 : Eagle 45 Carry Gaint 17 23 Paint 33 Right 31 Dance 16
Step 2 : Eagle 45 Dance 17 Carry Gaint 23 Paint 33 Right 31 16
Step 3: Eagle 45 Dance 17 Right 16 Carry Gaint 23 Paint 33 31
Step 4: Eagle 45 Dance 17 Right 16 Paint 33 Carry Gaint 23 31
Step 5: Eagle 45 Dance 17 Right 16 Paint 33 Gaint 23 Carry 31
Step 5 is the last step for above arrangement.

Input: Apple Party 18 23 Happy 42 34 Tight 22 Boost Brain 35

  1. Which word /number is 3rd to the right of 9th from the right end in step 4?
    A. 35
    B. 34
    C. Apple
    D. Party
    E. Boost
    Explanation- B. 34
    In the word Apple = Last letter – First letter = 5-1 =4 similarly all words are done
    In number 18 = sum of digits are added = 1+8 =9
    Now based on above procedure words are arranged in ascending order and sum of digits of number are
    arranged in descending order in every step
    Step 1: Tight 18 Apple Party 23 Happy 42 34 22 Boost Brain 35
    Step 2: Tight 18 Apple 35 Party 23 Happy 42 34 22 Boost Brain
    Step 3: Tight 18 Apple 35 Party 34 23 Happy 42 22 Boost Brain
    Step 4: Tight 18 Apple 35 Party 34 Brain 42 23 Happy 22 Boost
    Step 5: Tight 18 Apple 35 Party 34 Brain 42 Happy 23 22 Boost
    Step 6: Tight 18 Apple 35 Party 34 Brain 42 Happy 23 Boost 22

  2. In final step if ‘42 is related to ‘Brain’ and ‘35’ is related to ‘Apple’ then ‘23’ is related to?
    A. Tight
    B. Party
    C. Happy
    D. Boost
    E. Apple
    Explanation- C. Happy

  3. What is the sum of numbers 6th from the left end and 4th from the right end in step 3?
    A. 56
    B. 66
    C. 76
    D. 77
    E. 83
    Explanation- C. 76

  4. In which of the following step are words ‘ 42 Happy 23 22’ are in sequence?
    A. Step 6
    B. Step 5
    C. Step 4
    D. Step 3
    E. There is no such step
    Explanation- B. Step 5

  5. How many words/ numbers there between Apple and Happy in step 3?
    A. Four
    B. Three
    C. Two
    D. One
    E. None
    Explanation- A. Four

Q(6-10). Study the following data and answer the questions
Seven persons Ajay, Harish, Kajal, Priya, Swati, Trisha and Vishnu are from different states Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Goa and Delhi not necessarily in same order. They attend Document Verification (DV) for IBPS in the month of July on different dates 5th, 8th, 12th, 15th, 18th, 22nd, 31th. Six of them are selected for three different banks Canara, Syndicate, and Dena Bank. In each bank two were selected. Only one among them was rejected during DV. No of persons attending DV between who is from Delhi and Orissa is more than two. Kajal got selected in Syndicate bank attended DV immediately before person who attending from Orissa. One who attend
DV from Karnataka is rejected. Atleast five persons attended DV after Priya. Vishnu and Trisha are selected for same bank. Ajay got selected to Canara Bank and attended DV on 22nd of July. Either Vishnu or Priya attended DV on Last day of the Month. No of persons attending DV between One who is from Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka is only two. One who got selected from Dena Bank is from Rajasthan. Trisha attended DV on an Odd numbered date. Swati is not selected for Canara Bank and attended DV before Harish. Priya is from Andhra Pradesh.



  1. Who among the following is rejected during DV?
    A. Priya
    B. Harish
    C. Trisha
    D. Swati
    E. None
    Explanation- B. Harish

  2. Priya is selected to which Bank?
    A. Canara Bank
    B. Syndicate Bank
    C. Dena Bank
    D. Either Canara or Dena Bank
    E. Not selected
    Explanation- A. Canara Bank

  3. Which of the following combination is true?
    A. Vishnu – Orissa –Dena
    B. Ajay – Goa – Syndicate
    C. Priya – Andhra- Dena
    D. Swati – Orissa – Syndicate
    E. None is true
    Explanation- D. Swati – Orissa – Syndicate

  4. Kajal attended DV on which date?
    A. 5 th
    B. 8 th
    C. 12 th
    D. 15 th
    E. 18 th
    Explanation- B. 8th

  5. Ajay is from which state?
    A. Orissa
    B. Delhi
    C. Goa
    D. Rajasthan
    E. None
    Explanation- C. Goa