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IBPS PO 2017 Practice Test – Reasoning Day 3

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Hello Aspirants.

Welcome to Online Reasoning Section with explanation in Here we are creating Best question samples for IBPS PO 2017. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in bank exams !!!

Q (1-5). Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions.

Priya, Swati, Kajal, Kamal, Bhanu, Vijay, Karthik, Suraj, Anil, Surya went to market buy some Apples & Mangoes. Each of them bought both Apples and Mangoes. No two persons bought same no of fruits of same variety fruit. Maximum No of one variety fruits bought by one person is ten and Minimum is one fruit.
Swati has bought six more mangoes than Karthik. Swati bought ten fruits in total. Surya bought three Apples. Total number of Apples bought by Kajal and Anil is equal to number of Apples that Suraj has bought. Kajal bought less no of Apples than Anil. Only Suraj has bought eighteen fruits in such a way that no of Apples is more than Mangoes he bought. Only Kajal has bought equal no of Mangoes and Apples.Only Karthik has bought Apples twice the Mangoes he bought. Priya has bought Nine Fruits in total and she has bought more Apples than Mangoes. Number of Mangoes bought by Kamal is equal to number of Apples bought by Bhanu. Bhanu has bought eight fruits in total. Bhanu and Vijay have bought 16 Apples in total. Anil and Surya have bought 16 Mangoes in total.

  1. What is the total number of fruits bought by Suraj?
    A. 12
    B. 16
    C. 18
    D. 19
    E. None
    Explanation- C. 18

  2. Who among the following has bought more no of Mangoes?
    A. Surya
    B. Suraj
    C. Swati
    D. Priya
    E. None
    Explanation- A. Surya

  3. What is the sum of total no of fruits bought by Kamal & Anil together?
    A. 17
    B. 20
    C. 25
    D. 28
    E. None
    Explanation- C. 25

  4. If ‘Priya’ is related to ‘Kamal’, ‘Bhanu’ is related to ‘Swati’ then Surya is related to?
    A. Kajal
    B. Vijay
    C. Anil
    D. Suraj
    E. None
    Explanation- D. Suraj

  5. Which of the following combination is false?
    A. Karthik – 3 Mangoes – 6 Apples
    B. Suraj – 8 Mangoes – 10 Apples
    C. Kajal – 2 Mangoes – 2 Apples
    D. Anil – 5 Mangoes – 3 Apples
    E. All are correct
    Explanation- D. Anil – 5 Mangoes – 3 Apples

Q(6-10). Answer the questions based on the following information.
In a certain code:
“Party Rosy Man Part” is coded as – “ @>1 @≥9 $<7 @<4 “
“Lick Rowdy Watch Pink “ is coded as – “ #<5 @≥15 #<1 $≥7 “
“Wrong Boy Black Blank “ is coded as – “ @≥9 $≥16 $>23 @≥9 “
“Sharp Bus Plan Bit “ is coded as – “ @≥3 &>17 @<2 #>18 “

  1. What is the code for the Word ‘Word’?
    A. #>12
    B. &<15
    C. $<19
    D. $>19
    E. None
    Explanation- C. $<19
    Here every word is coded as per this rule
    In the word ‘Word’ First symbol is corresponding to the only vowel in the word. Second symbol is corresponding to no of letters in the word. Number is the positive difference of first letter and last number in alphabetical numbers.

  2. According to the given pattern, what is the code for ‘ Plant with Pot’?
    A. @≥4 @>4 #<15
    B. @>15 $>4 @≥4
    C. @≥4 $>4 #<15
    D. $≥4 @≥4 #<15
    E. None
    Explanation- C. @≥4 $>4 #<15

  3. The code ‘@>15’ belongs to which of the following word?
    A. Car
    B. Jay
    C. Bus
    D. Either Car or Jay
    E. None
    Explanation- D. Either Car or Jay

  4. What is the code for the word ‘Black Boy’?
    A. $≥23 @>9
    B. @≥9 $>23
    C. @≥9 $≥23
    D. @≥23 @≥9
    E. None
    Explanation- B. @≥9 $>23

  5. What is the code for the word ‘ Think Well for Answer’?
    A. #≥9 @>11 $>12 @<19
    B. @≥9 $<11 #≥12 #<19
    C. $<9 #>11 #≥12 @≥19
    D. @≥9 $<11 #≥12 @≥19
    E. Cannot be determined
    Explanation- E. Cannot be determined
    Since in the word there are two vowels we cannot assign code