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IBPS PO 2017 Practice Test – Reasoning Day 10

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Hello Aspirants.

Welcome to Online Reasoning Section with the explanation in Here we are creating Best question samples for IBPS PO 2017. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in bank exams !!!

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Q(1-5) Study the given data and answer the following questions
Eight persons- Deepak, Kishore, Yamini, Ajay, Asish, Shiva, Shyam and Venkat play different games Chess, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Hockey, Cricket, Kabaddi and Kho-Kho not necessarily in same order. They also like different colors Pink, Yellow, White, Red, Black, brown, Green and Grey.
Deepak likes either Pink or Black. Shyam doesn’t play tennis. Ashish plays football. Shyam neither plays Kabaddi nor Chess. White is liked by Yamini and she doesn’t play Chess. One who like Yellow play Tennis. One who likes Pink plays Hockey. Venkat plays Chess. One who likes Brown plays Kabaddi. One who likes green plays Kho- Kho. Ajay plays Basket Ball and likes Red. Grey is neither liked by Shyam nor Shiva. One who likes Black plays Foot Ball.

  1. Who among the following plays Tennis?
    A. Kishore
    B. Shiva
    C. Shyam
    D. Either Kishore or Shiva
    E. None
    Answer – D. Either Kishore or Shivapuzzle-one-soln

  2. Deepak plays which game?
    A. Hockey
    B. Tennis
    C. Cricket
    D. Basket Ball
    E. Foot Ball
    Answer – A. Hockey

  3. Which of the following color is liked by Asish?
    A. Pink
    B. Yellow
    C. Black
    D. Brown
    E. Grey
    Answer – C. Black

  4. Which of the following combination is definitely correct?
    A. Deepak – Pink – Cricket
    B. Deepak – Black – Hockey
    C. Kishore- Yellow – Tennis
    D. Shiva – Brown – Kabaddi
    E. None is true
    Answer – E. None is true

  5. Which of the following is liked by Venkat?
    A. Green
    B. Grey
    C. Brown
    D. Black
    E. Pink
    Answer – B. Grey

Q(6-10) Study the data and answer the following questions
Eight Shopkeepers A,B,C,D,E,F,G and H sold different articles Keyboard, Mouse, Pendrive, Ear Phones, SD Card, Screen Guard, CD’s and DVD’s not necessarily in same order. They sold different no of articles 6,10,12,13,16,17,25 and 26.
G neither sold SD card nor Screen Guard.Total no of articles sold by D and F is equal to no of articles sold by H. No of Screen Guards sold are more than no of SD Cards sold. A sold either Key Board or Pendrive. G neither sold Pendrive nor Key board. No of Screen guards sold are 13. Total no of articles sold by E and A is equal to articles sold by C. Ear Phones are the highest no of articles sold. G sold least no of articles. D sold either Mouse or keyboard. H sold DVD’s . Total no of articles sold by sold by E and G is equal to no of articles sold by A. No of Pendrives sold are more than no of Keyboards Sold.

  1. Which of the shopkeeper sold Screen Guard?
    A. D
    B. E
    C. F
    D. G
    E. H
    Answer – C. Fpuzzle-two-soln

  2. No of DVD’s sold by Shop H is?
    A. 16
    B. 17
    C. 25
    D. 26
    E. None
    Answer – C. 25

  3. No of SD Cards sold are?
    A. 6
    B. 10
    C. 12
    D. 13
    E. 16
    Answer – B. 10

  4. Which of the following combination is true?
    A. A – Keyboard – 17
    B. B- Pendrive – 16
    C. C – Earphone – 10
    D. D- Mouse- 12
    E. None is true
    Answer – D. D- Mouse- 12

  5. Shopkeeper G sold which item?
    A. DVD
    B. CD
    C. SD Card
    D. Mouse
    E. None
    Answer – B. CD