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IBPS PO 2017 Practice Test – Quant Day 2

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Hello Aspirants.

Welcome to Online Reasoning Section with explanation in Here we are creating Best question samples for IBPS PO 2017. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in bank exams !!!

Q(1-5). Study the following data and answer the questions

In a class there are six students Raju, Ravi, Ramu, Sita, Gita, Meena. They appeared in college examination, In which ten subjects are divided into five groups as shown in table. Students obtained marks as shown in the table Maximum mark in each subject is 100. Each Group may contain one or two or three subjects.Group mark is the average of all subjects in that group for a student and final score is the average of all group marks he obtained. Final score is represented in the line graph.



  1. If the marks obtained by Ramu in English is same as marks obtained by Ravi in Telugu then marks obtained by him in Java is
    A. 80
    B. 81
    C. 82
    D. 83
    E. None
    Answer – D. 83
    Solution :
    Ramu Marks in English be X then
    ((x+83+87)/3 + 100 + (87+83+85)/3 +(99+97)/2 +79)/5 = 90
    Ramu’s English marks is 94 which is same as Ravi’s telugu marks
    Then Ravi’s Java Marks will be
    ((98+96+94)/3 + 100 + (99+100+95)/3 +(98+98)/2 + java) ) /5 = 95
    Java marks = 83

  2. What is the mark obtained by Raju in Maths if his mark in Maths and Hindi mark are equal?
    A. 81
    B. 82
    C. 83
    D. 84
    E. Cannot be Determined
    Answer – B. 82
    Solution :
    ((58+X+70)/3 + X + (82+65+60)/3 +(75+71)/2 + 80))/ 5 = 75

  3. If students are ranked based on the average of Science marks then who among the following will be ranked 3?
    A. Gita
    B. Ramu
    C. Sita
    D. Both Ramu & Sita
    E. None
    Answer – D. Both Ramu & Sita

  4. Sita was given a chance to take re-exam on Maths paper now she obtained 95 Marks then what will be her new rank based on final score?
    A. 1 st
    B. 2 nd
    C. 3 rd
    D. 4 th
    E. None
    Answer – C. 3 rd

  5. Who among the following got the highest marks in Java?
    A. Ravi
    B. Raju
    C. Sita
    D. Gita
    E. Ramu
    Answer – A. Ravi

Q(6-10). Answer the following questions

  1. Ramesh borrowed a sum of Rs’ X’ from Aruna at the rate of 12% for 2 years. He added 30% more money to the sum borrowed and lent it to Karthik at the rate of 15% for 2 years. If Ramesh gained Rs.750 on the whole transaction then what is sum did he borrowed from Aruna?
    A. Rs.5000
    B. Rs.6000
    C. Rs.7000
    D. Rs.8000
    E. None
    Answer – A. Rs.5000
    X * 12 *2 /100 = 24X /100
    1.3X * 15 * 2/ 100 = 39X/ 100
    39X/100 – 24x /100 = 750
    Then X = 5000

  2. Kajal lent sum money at CI rate of 10% per annum for 2 years. He would have got Rs 2753125 more if he lent it for same CI rate but compounded half yearly. Then what is the amount lent by Kajal?
    A. Rs.40 Crores
    B. Rs.50 Crores
    C. Rs.60 Crores
    D. Rs.80 Crores
    E. None
    Answer – B. Rs.50 Crores
    P ( (1+5/100) 4 – (1+10/100) 2 ) = 2753125
    By solving We get P = 50 crores

  3. A square field is having the area of 58564 Sq m is to be fenced with Four poles & Three wires.Four poles are kept on corners of the Square field. Three wires are fenced at height of 1,2,3  respectively from the ground coiling the Poles. Due to coiling each wire used for fencing is 5% greater than the perimeter of the square. The cost of one-meter wire is Rs. 10 and cost of each Pole are Rs 1127 then the total cost of fencing is?
    A. Rs.30000
    B. Rs.32000
    C. Rs.33000
    D. Rs.35000
    E. None
    Answer – D. Rs.35000
    S 2 = 58564
    4S = 968
    Wire used = 3*968*105/100
    Cost of wire = 30492
    Cost of poles = 4 x 1127 = 4508
    Total cost of fencing = 30492+1127 = 35000

  4. A pipe can fill a tank in 15 minutes and another pipe can fill it in 12 minutes, but a third pipe can empty it in 6 minutes. The first two pipes are kept open for 5 min in the beginning and then third pipe is also opened. Time taken to empty the water tank is?
    A. 10 mins
    B. 25 mins
    C. 35 mins
    D. 45 mins
    E. None of the Above
    Answer – D. 45 mins
    Explanation :
    x/6 – (x+5)/15 – (x+5)/12 = 0
    x = 45 mins

  5. Two containers A & B are having volumes 140 Litre and 60 litres filled with oil having different prices. Now equal quantities are withdrawn from both containers A & B such oil drawn from A is poured in B and oil drawn from B is poured in A . Then the price per litre becomes equal in both the containers. Then what is amount of oil drawn from B in litres
    A. 32
    B. 36
    C. 42
    D. 48
    E. Cannot be determined
    Answer – C. 42
    Let price of oil in container A is R and price of oil in container in B is P
    Then total price of A is 140*R
    Total of Price of B is 60*R
    Now suppose L litres are withdrawn and replaced
    Then the price of oil in Container A will be (140*R – L*R + L *P)
    Price of one litre is (140*R – L*R – L *P)/140
    Similarly price of oil in container B is (60*P – L*P + L *R)
    Price of one ltre is (60*P – L*P + L *R)/60
    Now both prices are equal
    Solving equations we get L is 42