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IAF Conducts Maiden Airdrop Test of BHISHM, World’s 1st Air-Lifted Portable Hospital in Agra

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IAF conducts maiden airdrop test of BHISHM, World's first air-lifted portable hospital, in AgraOn 14th May 2024, The Indian Air Force (IAF) conducted maiden air drop test of BHISHM portable cubes, World’s 1st air-lifted portable hospital in Agra, Uttar Pradesh.

  • BHISHM portable cubes are part of broader initiative named “Project BHISHM- Bharat health initiative for Sahyog, Hita and Maitri”.
  • This initiative is specifically designed to treat up to 200 causalities, emphasizing rapid response and comprehensive care.

Key Features of BHISHM Portable Cubes:

i.The Aid Cube is equipped with various innovative tools designed to improve disaster response and medical support during emergencies.

ii.It also uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Analytics to provide effective coordination, real-time monitoring and efficient management of medical services in the field.

iii.The Aid Cube is unique with its ability to be deployed in just 12 minutes.

  • This swift deployment capability is important, as it effectively bridges the crucial time gap from primary care to definitive care. Thus, it helps in saving various lives in the golden hour of emergencies.

iv.The modular trauma management and aid system is made up of 72 detachable mini cubes, each being a specialized station for emergency response and humanitarian efforts.

  • These cubes offer flexibility as they can be easily carried by hand, cycle, or even drone.

v.These cubes are robust, waterproof and light, designed for different configurations, making them suitable for various emergency scenarios.

Indian Army Introduced Hexacopter Drone Mounted by Machine Gun

Indian Army introduced its latest innovation i.e. Hexacopter Drone mounted by Machine Gun. This cutting-edge technology is developed indigenously under the “Make in India” initiative led by Government of India (GoI).

  • Sirin Hexadrones were developed by Ikran Aerospace and Technologies Private Limited (IAATPL).

Significance: It ushers a new era in tactical operations and has potential to revolutionize soldier safety and strengthen the national security of India.

Key Features Hexacopter Drone:

i.It has some unique security features such as: fire control and encrypted communications which makes the drone safe against potential threats like spoofing and jamming.

ii.It is equipped with a versatile modular weapon system and can accommodate different range of weapons from firearms to grenades and mortars.

iii.Its sophisticated system boasts advanced target detection algorithms and strict security protocols. Thus, minimizes the risk of collateral damage.

iv.It offers operational flexibility which enables real-time intelligence gathering, surgical strikes, cordon and search operations, thereby enhancing military effectiveness in diverse terrains and scenarios.

v.It is powered by environmentally friendly Electronic Vehicle (EV) propulsion system.

vi.It has ample payload capacity due to which it can be used for aerial photography and surveillance to industrial inspection.

About Indian Air Force(IAF):
Chief of Air Staff: Vivek Ram Chaudhari
Headquarters: New Delhi, Delhi
Established: 8th October, 1932