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Hyderabad ranked 14th globally in Knight Frank’s Global Residential Cities Index Q3, 2019, Budapest in Hungary tops

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In the Knight Frank’s Global Residential Cities Index Q3 (Quarter) 2019, Hyderabad has ranked 14th among 150 cities in the World with an appreciation of 9% in residential prices on a YoY (Year-over-Year)  basis.Key Points:

i.In this index ,Budapest in Hungary is at the first place with the  highest annual growth rate of 24%, followed by Xi’an and Wuhan in China at 15.9% and 14.9%.

ii.According to the report, Indian cities that have seen an appreciation in home prices are New Delhi at the 73rd rank globally with a 3.2% rise, Bengaluru at the 94th rank with a 2% appreciation and Ahmedabad at the 108th rank with a 1.1% growth.

iii.Indian cities which have seen de-growth in home prices are Kolkata  at the 130th rank with a decline of 2%, Mumbai at the 135th rank with a de-growth of 3% and Chennai at the 136th rank with a fall of 3%.

iv.Pune was the lowest-ranked Indian city standing at the 138th spot, registering a 3.5% decline in home prices.

v.The Global Residential Cities Index tracks mainstream residential prices on a city-by-city basis which are updated quarterly. The index tracks the performance of house prices across 150 cities worldwide

About Knight Frank:
Founded- 1896
Headquarters- London, United Kingdom (UK); Chairman– Alistair Elliott

Top 3 cities in the index:


    Rank     Name
     1 Budapest in Hungary
     2  Xi’an in China
     3 Wuhan in China
    14 Hyderabad, Telangana
    73  New Delhi
   94 Bengaluru, Karnataka
  108  Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  130 Kolkata, West Bengal
  135 Mumbai, Maharashtra
  136 Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  138 Pune, Maharashtra