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Census 2011

Census is nothing but a process of collecting, compiling, analyzing, evaluating, publishing and disseminating statistical data regarding the population. It covers demographic, social and economic data and are provided as of a particular date. Census is useful for formulation of development policies and plans and demarcating constituencies for elections. The Census of India has been conducted 15 times, As of 2011. It has been conducted every 10 years, beginning in 1871.

In Exam point of view, Questions related to Census is very common in all kinds of competitive exams. In every exam, we can expect a minimum of one or two questions from Census. Here is the simple and perfectly categorized 2011 Census of India.

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  • Census 2011 were released in New Delhi on 31st March 2011 by Union Home Secretary GK Pillai and RGI C Chandramouli.
  • Census 2011 was the 15th census of india & 7th census after Independece
  • The motto of census 2011 was “Our Census, Our future”.
  • Total estimated cost of the Census was INR2200 crore (US$350 million).
  • First census in 1872.
  • Present Registrar General & Census Commissioner – C.Chandra Mouli
  • Total Population – 1,210,569,573 (1.21 Billion)
  • India in 2nd rank in population with 17.64%. decadal growth & China is 1st rank with decadal growth 19% (over 1.35 billion)
  • World Population is 7 Billions
  • Increase in population during 2001 – 2011 is 181 Million


Population – 1210.19 million [Males – 623.7 million (51.54%) Females – 586.46 million (48.46%)]

            Top Populous of the Country
1Uttar Pradesh19,98,12,341
4West Bengal9,12,76,115
5Andhra Pradesh8,45,80,777
           Least Populous of the Country
2Daman and Diu2,43,247
3Dadra and Nagar Haveli3,43,709
4Andaman and Nicobar Islands3,80,581

Population Highlight

Highest Populous UTDelhi
Least Populous UTLakshadweep
Highest Populous stateUttar Pradesh
Least populous stateSikkim
Highest urban Population in india (state& UT)Maharashtra – 4,11,00,980
Lowest urban Population in india (state& UT)Lakshadweep – 26,967
Highest Rular Population in india (state& UT)Uttar Pradesh – 13,16,58,339
Lowest Rular Population in india (state& UT)Lakshadweep – 33,683

Sex Ratio (Females per 1000 Males)

Sex ratio in India943
Highest sex ratio in stateKerala (1084)
Lowest sex ratio in stateHaryana (879)
Highest sex ratio in UTPondicherry (1037)
Lowest sex ratio in UTDaman and Diu (618)
Child (0-6 years) sex ratio914
Highest child (0-6) sex ratio in stateMizoram (971)
Lowest child (0-6) sex ratio in stateHaryana (830)

Literacy Rate in India

Total Person Literacy Rate74%
Highest Literacy Rate in StateKerala (94%)
Lowest Literacy Rate in StateBihar (61.8%)
Hightest Literacy Rate in UTLakshadweep (91%)
Lowest Literacy Rate in UTDadra and Nagar Haveli (76.24%)

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