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Government Says Kohinoor Diamond belongs to Britain

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History:  19th Century Punjab ruler Maharaja Ranjith Singh had gifted the 105 carat Kohinoor Diamond to East India Company in 1849 for compensation of War. There is no clear cut on this, some says Maharaja heir Duleep Singh had gifted.Government Says Kohinoor Diamond belongs to Britain

Features of Kohinoor:

  • Literally Known as Mountain of Lights
  • Carat: 105
  • Present value: 200 million $


  • In Supreme Court, petitioned by All India Human Rights and Social Justice to claim the Kohinoor Diamond and Ring and Sword of Tipu Sultan from the Britain which were brought.
  • The case was headed by the Chief Justice of India Mr Thakur and Mr Ranjith Kumar, Solicitor General stands on Government side.
  • Government explained to the Supreme Court that the Kohinoor Diamond was gifted to the Britain by Maharaja Ranjith Singh.
  • Solicitor General Mr. Ranjith Kumar added that we would not claim the Artefacts from the other countries and let not the other countries to do the same from India.
  • And Solicitor General to get the thoughts of Foreign and Culture Minister in this regard.
  • Supreme Court advised the Government to frame the Standard Policy on this matter.


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