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General Awareness Questions asked in SSC CGL – 28/08/2016(All Shifts)

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Dear Aspirants,
Some of the General Awareness questions asked in today’s SSC CGL Exam are listed below. If you have any more questions from the exam, then kindly share it in the comment section.

General Awareness Questions asked in SSC CGL – 28/08/2016(All Shifts)

  1. Ellora caves located in
  2. Name of US Parliament
  3. Excise duty is levied on
  4. Name of the point in the orbit of a planet, asteroid, or comet at which it is furthest from the sun is
  5. Mahabalipuram Temple is also known as
  6. Ice packed in saw dust does not melt quickly. Wat is the reason?
  7. Commercial bank give loan to
  8. Who gave the name “mahatma” to Gandhi
  9. Which of the following rivers originates from Tibet
  10. Golden Revolution
  11. HRIDAY Scheme related to
  12. Which part of brain is known as ” little brain”
  13. Who returned the ‘Kaiser-i-Hind’ medal given to him ?
  14. What is the main cause of the revolt of 1857 in India?
  15. Who introduced “doctrine of lapse”
  16. Charles Correa is related to
  17. About “Net Neutrality”
  18. Study of “Human Mind” is known as
  19. commercial bank give loan to
  20.  Reflection of light
  21. Region suitable for cotton production
  22. Who plays the most important role in our Economy?
  23. Swarn Kranti related to
  24. What is Azolla used for?(Rice cultivation,Maize cultivation,Wheat cultivation )
  25. Who was the first women speaker of lok sabha?
  26. Who has recently been nominated as first women president of Nepal?
  27. Who won 2016 women singles Wimbledon?
  28. Usage of “Biogas”
  29. Which layer of the Earth’s atmosphere contains the ozone layer?
  30. Pulitzer price related to
  31. Great Barrier Reef is located in
  32. BC Roy award related to
  33. Public litigation filed for
  34. What is the cause of sepoy mutiny
  35. A place where soldiers live is called

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