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General Awareness Questions asked in Railway RRB – 07/04/2016 (Shift – I)

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Dear Aspirants,
Some of the General Awareness questions asked in today’s Railway RRB Exam are listed below. If you have any more questions from the exam, then kindly share it in the comment section.

General Awareness Questions in Railway RRB April 7th 2016 – Shift I

  1. Author of the Novel “A Brief History of Seven Killings”– Marlon James
  2. Zn is present in?
  3. Which one is fastest memory?- Cache
  4. Yogeshwar Dutt is from which field?-Wrestler
  5. Who is the writer of Sustainable Development?
  6. In UNESCO world heritage which is not included Mountain railways of India-  kashmir railway
  7. UV SPETROMETER was founded by?
  8. First man to go to space? Yuri Gagrin
  9. Which one is fastest memory? Cache
  10. First name of english east india company
  11. Yogeshwar Dutt is from which field? Wrestler
  12. Act for nasa establihsed was passed in which year?
  13. In UNESCO world heritage which is not included Mountain railways of India? kashmir railway
  14. effect of pressure on sound? no change
  15. Ozone can be clearly visible in which season from antartica?
  16. In fire estinguishers which two acid mixes to liberate carbon di oxide when knob is opened
  17. binary conversion of a number 13?
  18. SMAP SATELLITE to check moisture was launched by which space agency?
  19. in 2012 india joined the club of elite countries by launching first underwater misslle.? name it
  20. To the “Brink and the Bank book:india’s 1991 story was written by? Jairam Ramesh