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General Awareness Questions asked in Railway RRB – 02/04/2016 (Shift – III)

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Dear Aspirants,
Some of the General Awareness questions asked in today’s Railway RRB Exam are listed below. If you have any more questions from the exam, then kindly share it in the comment section.

General Awareness Questions in Railway RRB April 2nd 2016 – Shift III

1. Fundamental duties taken from which country – USSR
2. World Economic Forum 2015 meeting held at- Switzerland
3. In which game women first compete in the Olympic Game?
4. Ellora caves in which state?- Maharashtra
5. 100 year war between which two countries? France and England
6. Mrinalini sarabhai is famous for? Indian Classical Dancer
7. The last ruler of maurya dynasty- Brihadratha Maurya
8. Manohar Parrikar hoists country’s largest, tallest tricolour at Ranchi
9. The presence of which gases in air makes brass discoloured? Hydrogen sulphide
10. Highest cricket ground in India in which state? – Chail, Himachal Pradesh
11. What is Geotropism? The growth of the parts of plants in response to the force of gravity
12. India:Tiger::USA:? – Bald Eagle
13. What is the colour of Solid Iodine?- purple
14. Which one is different(a)Wular lake(b)dal lake(c)vembanad lake(d)sheshnag lake
15. Inventor of E-mail – Shiva Ayyadurai
16. India’s 5th navigational satellites name? – PSLV-C31
17. Who invented dynamo? Michael Faraday
18. When we through a stone upward,and when it reaches at top last point,at this point what is the value of velocity and acceleration ?
19. If pH value becomes less than 7 then it is called as? Acidic
20. cricket:field::skating:—?
21. Nephrology is the study of?- Kidney function
22. First indian to get nobel prize?- Rabindranath Tagore
23. One question related to calcium rich food?
24. In 2013 a new species found having genus name ‘HOMO’.What is the name of that species?
25. In the first ODI match of INDIA ,who is captain ?Ajit Wadekar
26. One question from greenhouse gases.
27. The words ‘Satyameva Jayate’ taken from – Mundak Upanishad
28. Golden temple situated on which river?
29. Basilica of bom jesus is located at? Goa
30. Jayakwadi dam located on which river? Godavari